Turmeric Powder

Spicy aroma, peppery taste and golden yellow color make Turmeric essential in Indian curries and chutneys. Add a pinch of rich color to your Spanish rice with Turmeric.

Turmeric holds high medicinal value in Indian Ayurveda science. Good for digestion and healing abilities make it a popular choice for Indian food.

Cabbage Kofta Curry

Cabbage Kofta Curry Recipe – Video

 11 Jan, 18 vegEasy

  • Cabbage Kofta Curry is a north Indian main course sabzi
  • Fried dumplings are added to liquid gravy and served with Naan, paratha or bread

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Paneer bhurji recipe

Paneer Bhurji Recipe – Punjabi Style – Video

 11 Jan, 18 vegEasy

  • Paneer Bhurji restaurant style with Indian Punjabi flavor at home easily
  • Dry crushed paneer stir fried with vegetables
  • Quick fast food easy recipe

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Kadi with Imli and Aloo

Imli Aloo Kadi Recipe – Video

 11 Jan, 18 vegEasy

  • Kadi with a flavor of Imli and ingredient as Potato instead of besan pakoda
  • Tamarind adds a soar taste and Aloo gives carbohydrates
  • Serve with white rice

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Paneer Kulcha Recipe – Stuffed Delhi Style – Video

 11 Jan, 18 vegEasy

  • Paneer kulcha is a famous North Indian snack served in schools and colleges
  • Sandwich Paneer Bhurji between Maida bread, light tawa fry and serve

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Kali Masoor Dal Recipe – Video

 11 Jan, 18 vegEasy

  • Kali masoor dal is different than Dal Makhani
  • Boil, mix with tadka to serve in 22 min
  • Eat it once a week for balanced Indian diet to get protein, Fiber

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Egg Tava Biryani Recipe – Quick Main Course

 11 Jan, 18 vegEasy

  • Tava Egg Biryani is 290 calorie main course rice preparation
  • Skip eggs if you are vegetarian
  • Tried and tested spicy recipe makes it in 15 minutes

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