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How I Reduced 4 kgs in 1.5 Months without Exercising

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I reduced about 4 kgs without exercising by restricting the food I ate and walking to office. Build your diet around high Protein, Low Card and good Fat.

Cook Brown Rice on Stove Recipe [Pics]

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Cook brown rice on stove easily in 25 minutes. Brown Basmati rice is healthier than white rice, good for losing weight and controlling Type 2 Diabetes.

Vegetable Sandwich Recipe – Cucumber Tomato Butter

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Vegetable Sandwich can be made within minutes and has all the ingredients of a healthy meal. Don’t skip breakfast now when you have simple recipe at hand.

Lost 20 pound weight - Anil Gupta

Lose 20 pounds in 12 Weeks with Change in Habits and Exercise

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How to Lose 20 Pounds fast is a good question. You have to eat the right foods with exercise. Change your habits as there’s no magic to rapid weight loss.

GM diet Day 6 Breakfast

GM Diet Day 6 – Indian Vegetarian Version – ChickPea

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GM diet day 6 is full of protein with Chickpeas for vegetarians. Take vegetable soup in one meal and I felt like having lost about 1 inch of waist.

GM Diet Day 5 Breakfast

Testing GM Diet Day 5 – Indian Vegetarian Version

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GM diet day 5 requires high protein and fiber. Vegetarians can substitute Beef with Soyabean, Paneer, Lentil or Egg whites. Stay hydrated to lose more weight.

GM diet Day 3 Evening Snacks

Testing GM Diet Day 3 Vegetables And Fruits Indian Version

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Reaching GM diet day 3 is tough with Indian Vegetarian Version with no weight loss yet. I spent the day with vegetables and fruits. No potatoes and no banana.

GM diet Day 2 Dinner

Testing GM Diet Day 2 Indian Vegetarian Version All Vegetables

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Eat all vegetables except Potatoes on GM diet day 2 Indian Version. Recipe is to boil all vegetables for soup. Saute or roast veggies to eat as salad.

GM Diet Day 1

Testing GM Diet Day 1 Indian Vegetarian Version All Fruits

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GM diet day 1 is about all fruits and no bananas. I did not lose any weight by the end of day. Body starts the de-toxification process with fruits today.

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