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Here we share the details about the blog platform, video, picture instruments, software, hardware and more to help you set up your own food blog and learn from our experiences. This will help answer your questions on how to start, design, maintain, market and monetize a food blog.

Retain Recipe Microdata Code Toggling between Views – WordPress

 15 Dec, 17 

Retain Recipe Microdata Code Toggling between view in wordpress - This is small fix that would not strip the span tags from TinyMce for Google structured data.

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Print recipes as recipe cards - inHouseRecipes

How Can I print Recipes on inHouseRecipes?

 15 Nov, 17 

Print recipes in print friendly format from inHouseRecipes. Printed recipe can be used as recipe card in your kitchen while cooking. It contains no clutter.

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Eggless cake in cooker undited

Better Food Photo Editing Tools For Blogs – FREE Ones

 15 Nov, 17 

Food photo editing is an important aspect of your food blog. Edit pictures with these free online photo editing tools to improve their texture and appeal.

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inHouseRecipes Set Up – What Software And Hardware We Use

 7 Jun, 15 

inHouseRecipes set up talks about the various hardware and software that inHouseRecipes uses to create and share its content like images and videos.

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Shahi paneer - The sunset color

Image SEO For Recipes and Food Blog

 24 Sep, 14 

Image SEO is important and an integral part of recipe and food blogs. Use these tried and tested ways of increasing recipe page views by enhancing image tags.

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Food blog web comment etiquettes

Run A Food Blog? Read On For Web Comment Etiquette

 3 Sep, 14 

It only takes a 1 bad comment from you to spoil your goodwill. Web Comment Etiquette is about handling good or bad comments on your food blog or YouTube channel.

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