GM Diet Results Before & After – Lost 4 Kgs

GM diet results before and after shows difference of 4 kgs in weight loss. Temporary immediate water weight loss, detoxify. Does not burn fat weight.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated 8 Jan, 20


GM Diet Results – Before & After

I am happy to share the GM diet results after following the 7 day plan. This is my GM diet day 8 and technically speaking, the diet period is over.
If you have joined me late, you can read out the details that I shared on Day 0 of this diet plan.

At the start of day 8, I am super delighted to share the results as I have lost about 4.2 Kgs (9.25 pounds) of weight in straight 7 days!! Ohh man..I can’t believe this.

I can easily fit into my 36″ waist trouser now….I may not look that slim in the picture but I have certainly lost fat from my buttock, thighs, lower belly on the back side and some on the face cheeks.

 End of Day-0Start of Day 8
Weight83 Kgs (182.9 LB)78.8 Kgs (173.7 LB)
Waist37 Inch36 Inch – A loss of 1 inch
Height5 Ft 8 InchThank God, No reduction here
Ideal weight as per Height69 Kgs (152.1 LB)65Kgs
Target to loose4 Kgs (9 Lbs)4.2 Kgs lost. Achieved..Hurray!!

I don’t have words to express my feelings. It is awesome and I am seriously feeling great and much lighter.

I can feel that my body is feeling much better in terms of fatigue and usual laziness. I don’t get tired even if I walk long distances (I tried walking 1.4 miles up and down and was still feeling good). Looks like diet has certainly cleaned up the system.

The craving for food is slowly coming up as mind has already accepted the success and asking me to jump and eat whatever I want. But..this is the important time to control and maintain this weight. If I simply move on to my normal day to day (that I was having before going on diet), I stand a good chance of gaining the lost weight easily.

So, it is important to maintain and control my food intake to maintain as well as keep loosing the weight on a lower pace.

GM Diet Tips from My Experience

#1 GM diet in Mind Game

You will be able to succeed in GM diet if you can control your mind.

Try to be active 70% of the time you are awake. It helps your metabolism (the speed at which body consumes energy) high.

If you can’t exercise, take a small walk to the grocery store next door and use stairs as much as possible. Also, try climbing two stair at once to give a boost to metabolism.

#2 Stay away from food and its smell

We as human being eat more with our eyes and nose than mouth. So, staying away is the key.

I myself got distracted when i looked at chhole Bhature on day 3. This is one of my favorite food and I simply closed the site to keep my mind away from thinking about food.

#4 Drink water every 1 Hour

Try to eat something or drink water after every 1-1.5 hours. Also, drink water regularly to keep your body hydrated.

If you skip drinking water, you may not be able to continue the full diet plan as dehydration could spoil the show. Water intake also makes you feel full and turns the hungry feeling away for a while.

Do you know that Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer drinks the Evian Spring Water? They claim that this water comes from French Alps!

#5 Avoid Weekly Fast or Special Fast Days

What if your regular fast days (Monday fast or Karva Chauth or any other fast) cross roads along your GM diet?

It is better to avoid these regular weekly fast days when you are following the GM diet. And if we talk about the Karva Chauth type of fasts, it is advised that we plan GM diet when we these mandatory fasts do not cross the road in between!

#6 No Whisky, Beer, Wine and cola drinks

I completely avoided tea and coffee too but drank Lemon water extensively. If you feel that you cannot survive without tea, i would suggest you to go for black tea (without milk).

All alcoholic drinks like whisky, beer and wine contain calories and you should avoid them.

That was it, I hope my experience will help you too to motivate yourself and make a change in your life.

How Much Weight Was Lost?

As a matter of fact, my wife has also lost about 1.2 Kgs (2.6 Lbs) over this week even though she was not following this diet. Its just that she used to have the same lunch that i was having and somehow the menu was controlled. The other thing that probably has helped her is that she did not prepared any sweets last week due to my diet!!

If you or anyone you know have followed the GM diet, do share your experiences in the comments section here.

If you get ill during the course of this diet, please do consult your doctor or stop this diet. You may try it some other time.

Does GM diet Reduce Fat Weight?

GM diet does not reduce fat weight. It is not possible to reduce any significant fat in 7 days of GM diet. The most weight that you will lose will be water weight.

Will I gain the Weight Back After GM Diet?

The chances are very high that you will get the weight back if you stop doing GM diet.
This is simply because you only lose water weight and once you come back to your regular diet, the water retention is started again by your body and you regain all weight back.
I also got all the weight back within a month.

Does GM Diet Water Help Lose Weight for Party Dress?

You can use GM diet to lose water weight quickly and look a little slimmer for a party within a week.
This is what most celebrities also do to get ready for an important party appearance.
GM diet will help you reduce your salt intake and hence your body will not retain water.

How Do I lose Fat with GM diet?

It is difficult to lose fat weight in GM diet’s 7 days. You need to keep doing the diet for at-least a month for any meaningful and visible fat loss.
Note that your body needs to have calorie deficit to lose fat weight.

I have lost 2.5 kgs in first two days and no reduction after that. Is this okay? Can I continue GM Diet?

There is nothing strange about this weight loss and nothing to worry either. The immediate weight loss that you see is because of lesser salt consumption. Your body is storing lesser water and hence you see the reduction. Keep going on with the diet and you will see better results after day 7.

Can we replace brown rice with white rice in GM diet?

You should not replace brown rice with white rice in GM diet.
White rice has more starch content than the brown rice and hence are not advisable. Although, I myself consumed white rice on GM Diet Day 5, I would advise you to eat brown ones for better results.

When should I check my weight each day in GM 7 days diet?

The best time to record your weight each day would be morning after your bowl movements (before eating or drinking anything). This weight can vary too but has less variance and is more reliable.

The normal body weight varies by about 2-3 pounds (1 – 1.5 Kg) between morning and night due to consumption of food and drinks.

Can we include green peas or Boiled peas in the cabbage soup or salad in GM Diet?

You should not add peas or Potatoes in your soup or salad in GM diet. They contain starch and does not help weight loss.

Can I repeat GM diet every week or every month?

You can repeat GM diet every week or every month.
Repeating would be really tough and can affect your health. This diet is primarily meant to trigger some basic changes in your eating pattern and providing lesser carbs (carbohydrates that convert into sugar and deposit in your body).
Repeating every month is another case and can be done, if you feel you can do it. But, do not over-do anything.
I would advice you to just do GM diet for 7 days and then maintain the lesser calorie intake (just about 1400 good calories) to keep the weight loss momentum going.
Good calories means any non-fried and non-sugar food.

How much weight loss is guaranteed by GM diet?

There is no weight loss guarantee with GM diet.
The weight that you lose would mostly be water weight and it varies with each person.
Remember, this weight is easier to gain if you do NOT control your diet after 7 days. It goes fast and comes back with double the speed.

Can I drink Green tea in GM Diet?

You can drink green tea in GM diet without milk and sugar.
It has zero calories if you do not add anything for taste. You can drink it thrice a day, on all days.
I would recommend drinking green tea even after you are done with GM diet.

Which milk is recommended for drinking in the GM diet?

You should drink fat free milk in GM diet. It is also known as double-toned or skimmed milk in India.

Is headache normal during GM diet?

Headache is normal in GM diet. You might also feel a bloated stomach due to gas. This is okay and expected.
There is no need to take any pain killer medicine. You would generally feel the minor pain in the back side of your hear at the end of the day during the diet. Don’t worry, you will be fine next morning.

Note: If you have any other headache issues like a Migraine or something else, that you normally get, you should STOP dieting immediately and consult your doctor.

Can I eat Roti instead of brown rice during GM Diet?

You can eat roti instead of brown rice. Make sure that Roti is made with Whole wheat flour and not Maida (a refined wheat flour).

Can we add Bourvita or Horlicks in milk during GM Diet?

You cannot add Bournvita and Horlicks in milk during GM diet. These are energy drinks and contain high amount of Sugar.

Advantages of GM Diet

  1. Helps you lose about 3-6 Kgs of weight fast.
  2. Helps your body to drain out the toxins.
  3. Helps you make a systematic change to your diet. For example, you are supposed to eat brown rice instead of white rice. This is beneficial as you would otherwise never even tried eating brown rice or brown bread. Make a change and keep it with you to maintain the lost weight.

Dis-advantages of GM Diet

  1. The weight you lose is primarily the water weight due to lesser Salt consumption. This weight can come back easily when you jump back to your normal food intake schedule after 7 days.
  2. There is no major fat loss from the body as compared to the total number of Kgs you see on weight scale. Hence, you might not see any major difference in your waist size or tummy.
  3. It is a crash diet and can’t be repeated frequently. If you do, you are stressing your body too much and it can result in health issues.

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Written by Anil Gupta
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