Testing GM Diet Day 7 – Indian Vegetarian Version

GM diet day 7 is the last day of GM diet. I ate veg soup instead of brown rice. Body does seem to have lost weight but not a great deal of fat though.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated 10 Jan, 20


GM Diet Day 7 Fruits + Vegetables + Brown Rice – No Potatoes, No Bananas

After completing GM diet Day 6 successfully, here I am sharing my Day 7 with you.

The most important thing that I stand to gain from this experiment is the self confidence to keep my resolutions.
No matter if I lose the target weight or not, the diet process has certainly improved my confidence over myself.

Good news: I got a compliment from my mother whom I saw after a week (She is in India and I am in USA currently) and she did had no clue that I am on GM Diet at all. She immediately said that I have lost weight from my face!!
Hurray…seems like all the effort has paid off.
It is a different feeling when you get to hear from people whom you know will be genuine and true to you apart from the weighing scale!

Breakfast 10 AM

1/4 Musk Melon, 1 Apple, 2 Orange

Lunch 2 PM

I did not opt for brown rice as we did not have them in stock.
Instead, I opted for 1 medium size bowl of veg soup.

1 Medium size bowl of vegetable soup with 1 glass of Lime water (No sugar and no Salt added).

GM diet day 7 vegetable soup recipe:

1 Carrot, 1.5 Tomato, 1/4 Cabbage, 5 mushrooms, 1 cup water.
Water content should be enough to sub-merge all vegetables.

  1. Chop and mix all with water.
  2. We are using pressure cooker to boil. Add all vegetables to cooker. Close the cooker lid.
  3. Switch ON the stove on high flame and let it make a whistle. After 1 whistle, switch OFF the stove.
  4. Let the steam vanish on its own before you try to open the cooker lid.
  5. Once the steam has gone, open the lid and take out the boiled veggies in a bowl.
  6. Seasoning: Sprinkle 2 pinch Salt, 2 pinch black pepper and 1 tsp lemon juice. The soup is ready to serve.

Evening Snacks 5 PM

1 Apple.

Dinner 8.30 PM

I will share my analysis and the weight details tomorrow i.e. day 8. I want the day 7 night to pass by.

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Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta  
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