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Pickled Red Onions Recipe For Salad [Pics]

 3 Jul, 16 Easy

Pickled red Onions is what you would love to eat as a salad. We use Lemon juice to take out the Onion bitterness and sharp taste along with making them soft.

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Paneer submerged in water

Increase Paneer Shelf Life By Submerging In Water

 14 Jan, 15 

Increase the Paneer shelf life by keeping it submerged in water and you can use it for 8-10 days when refrigerated. Water should be changed every day.

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remove peanuts skin

How To Easily Remove Peanuts Skin [Tip]

 4 Jan, 15 

Remove Peanuts Skin easily is a question that have crossed you many times while eating them. This tip will help remove peanuts skin easily in a minute.

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Measurements – How and What Tools We Use To Measure

 28 Dec, 14 

It is always a challenge to first find a good recipe on internet and then understand their ingredients. We completely understand this challenge and hence have come up with this list of measurement tools that we always use in our recipes. We have observed that people get more confused (including us) with the ingredient’s quantity  … Read more

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How To Reduce Excess Salt In Curry or Cooked Food?

 9 Dec, 14 

Reduce Excess Salt In Curry with wheat flour dough, boiled potato, water and even Milk. Read on reduce too much salt from food, curry or any dry cooked food.

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Shahi paneer - The sunset color

Image SEO For Recipes and Food Blog

 24 Sep, 14 

Image SEO is important and an integral part of recipe and food blogs. Use these tried and tested ways of increasing recipe page views by enhancing image tags.

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