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Tips that may help you as we feel that they have helped us. We are always learning to work more efficiently and always try to find smart ways of doing things in kitchen. Keep a watch on this page to know what we find in our journey.

Acidity relief with hing

Acidity Relief With Asafoetida Or Hing [Video]

 15 Nov, 17 

Acidity relief is one of the major question for the world full of unhealthy food. Asafoetida (hing) can be used to get relief in gastric or acidity problem.

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[Video] Tip – Chop Green Chilli Easily With Scissor

 15 Nov, 17 

This video is in hindi with english subtitles. Simple and small tip that i thought would be useful for freshers in the cooking world. You may already know this but sharing is caring and thats the reason behind this useful tip. Tip – Chop green chilli with scissor In Words Method If you don’t use  … Read more

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fresh and old egg in water

How to check if an egg has expired?

 15 Nov, 17 

Sunday or ya monday, roz khao andey!! ( Meaning – Monday or Sunday, Eat eggs everyday ) Remember this famous egg jingle? Eating eggs everyday is a good habit as they are good source of proteins but have you ever wondered if the egg you are eating is good for eating? What i mean to  … Read more

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Karva Chauth Mehndi

Darker the Mehndi, the more is the love in hubby’s heart

 15 Nov, 17 

We talk about how to get the dark color of Mehndi on your hands or legs with home based methods. No chemicals and no side effects. Basic things easily available at home

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How to squeeze lemon juice

How To Squeeze Lemon For Maximum Juice Easily [Video]

 15 Nov, 17 

This simple but useful tip talks about how to squeeze lemon to extract maximum lemon juice without using the lemon juice extractor.

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Submerge Potatoes In water

Boil Potatoes Without Pressure Cooker [Pics]

 7 Jul, 16 Easy

Boil Potatoes without pressure cooker is a process of 30 minutes. You can use any container with a lid. Lid helps control the steam and help boil potatoes.

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