Aloo Bread Roll Recipe – Crispy Potato Cutlets

 15 Nov, 17 Easy

Aloo Bread Roll is a fast Indian snack made in 12 minutes. Deep frying Boiled Potato with bread slices makes it crispy with high dense calories each.

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Sabudana Vada Recipe – Video

 8 Nov, 16 Easy

Sabudana vada ia a fried pakoda famous for Navratri fast. Use Tapioca Sago with Potato to make a high calorie cutlet. Use Sendha namak for vrat.

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Makki Atte Ka Halwa Recipe – Indian Dessert – Video

 24 Oct, 16 Easy

Makki atte ka halwa is a Maize Flour Indian dessert. Quick and easy recipe will help you make a new taste sweet for your house party.

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Kanji vada digestive drink

Kanji Vada Recipe with Moong Dal – Video

 14 Oct, 16 Easy

Kanji Vada is a popular digestive North Indian drink made with Red Mustard seeds. Using Moong dal vada instead of Black Carrots. Easy and quick recipe.

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Heart Shaped Poha Cutlet

Poha Cutlet Recipe – Tea Time Snack – Video

 5 Oct, 16 Easy

Poha Cutlet is fried tea time breakfast snack made with combination of Chidwa, Potato and Bread pieces. Wrap is inside bread slice to eat as Sandwich.

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Aloo Halwa Recipe – Dessert made of Potato – Video

 27 Sep, 16 Easy

Aloo halwa is a high calorie fried Indian dessert. Boiled potato are mashed and roasted in desi ghee until they turn golden brown. Served in main course.

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