Vegetable besan chilla served with Tomato sauce

Besan Cheela Recipe – 10 Minute Breakfast [Video]

Veg Besan cheela is a nutritious snack made in 10 minutes with vegetables and Paneer. It has about 120 calories and good Indian fast food for kids breakfast.


Idli dhokla recipe

Idli Dhokla Recipe – Cooker and Sooji [Pics]

Idli dhokla recipe with cooker and sooji is our all time favorite. Use the normal Idli stand to steam the sooji idli and then add the Dhokla seasoning.


Bringing street masala maggi in your kitchen

Street Masala Maggi Recipe – Office Delight [Video]

Street Masala Maggi is available at street side vendors outside offices in India. It has Indian masala tadka, vegetables and chat masala to spice up.


Cook rice in microwave

Boiled Rice In Microwave Recipe [Video]

Basmati Rice in microwave can be cooked in 11 minutes. Its faster than cooking on stove. Use 2 cups of water for each cup of rice. Washing rice is optional.


Kali Masoor Dal Recipe [Video]

Kali masoor dal is different than Dal Makhani. Recipe is simple: Boil and mix with tadka. Eat it once a week for balanced Indian diet to get protein and Fiber.


Kaju Katli Recipe – Kaju Barfi [Pics]

Kaju Katli in 10 minutes at home with our tried and tested recipe. You just need cashew nuts and sugar as main ingredients. Roast and make Kaju barfi easily.


Cook Brown Rice on Stove Recipe [Pics]

Cook brown rice on stove easily in 25 minutes. Brown Basmati rice is healthier than white rice, good for losing weight and controlling Type 2 Diabetes.


Chat Masala Recipe – Tangy Seasoning Spice [Video]

Chat Masala powder has Cinnamon, Coriander, Mango powder among other spices to top up Salads, Maggi and Drinks. use Lemon with Black Salt as a substitute.


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