Is Cottage Cheese equal to the Indian Paneer?

 1 Jan, 18 vegEasy

Cottage cheese in USA is not directly equal to Indian Paneer with respect to its texture and consistency. The taste somewhat feels the same though.

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GM diet results

GM Diet Results Before and After Lost 4 Kgs

 29 Dec, 17 vegEasy

GM diet before and after shows difference of 4 kgs in weight loss. GM diet is good for temporary immediate water weight loss. It does not burn fat weight.

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GM diet Day 7 Dinner

Testing GM Diet Day 7 – Indian Vegetarian Version

 29 Dec, 17 vegEasy

GM diet day 7 is the last day of GM diet. I ate veg soup instead of brown rice. Body does seem to have lost weight but not a great deal of fat though.

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GM diet Day 6 Breakfast

GM Diet Day 6 – Indian Vegetarian Version – ChickPea

 29 Dec, 17 vegEasy

GM diet day 6 is full of protein with Chickpeas for vegetarians. Take vegetable soup in one meal and I felt like having lost about 1 inch of waist.

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