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Fresh Gulab Jamun

Reheat Freezed Gulab Jamun’s Without Microwave [Tip]

 7 Feb, 14 

  • It is a pretty common issue that sweets like Gulab Jamun when kept in a freezer or refrigerator loose their softness making them loose their shine and taste
  • The tip I am going to share today is particularly helpful when you don’t have a microwave to easily heat them up and feel the same taste  … Read more

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Meethe Chawal Recipe – Sweet Rice Pulao [Pics]

 7 Feb, 14 

  • Meethe Chawal is a recipe loved by kids
  • Try this when you kid is not eating anything and you have no idea what to cook
  • It is also eaten on Karva-Chauth

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Navratri Lauki Poori Recipe- Bottle Gourd Is A Fruit [Pics]

 7 Feb, 14 

  • Navratri Lauki Poori is a special one for eating while you are on fast in auspicious Navratras fast
  • Lauki is actually a fruit and can be eaten in vrat/fast

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roasted salted peanuts

How To Make Roasted Salted Peanuts Without Oil [Tip]

 7 Feb, 14 

  • Roasted Salted Peanuts are a great time pass in winter season in India
  • This recipe showcases the street side vendor's method of roasting without using oil

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Kadi Pakoda Recipe – Gram Flour Curry With Pakoda [Pics]

 7 Feb, 14 

  • Kadi pakoda is one of the favorite main-course dish of north Indians
  • It is primarily part of Punjabi Cuisine and is a lot different than the other curries

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Sweet Fry Bread Recipe – Bread Slices Dipped In Sugar Syrup [Pics]

 7 Feb, 14 

  • Sweet Fry Bread is a pretty quick recipe which can be ready in just 15 minutes and does not need much of resources
  • It can help as a hunger killer and double up as a treat to your sweet tooth

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