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Tips that may help you as we feel that they have helped us. We are always learning to work more efficiently and always try to find smart ways of doing things in kitchen. Keep a watch on this page to know what we find in our journey.

Retain Recipe Microdata Code Toggling between Views – WordPress

 15 Dec, 17 

Retain Recipe Microdata Code Toggling between view in wordpress - This is small fix that would not strip the span tags from TinyMce for Google structured data.

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Desi Pregnancy Myths which we follow religiously

 13 Dec, 17 

Pregnancy myths prevalent in India make you gain un-wanted weight than help. Enjoy these superstitions that I heard while my wife was pregnant. Be logical.

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Morning Sickness during pregnancy

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

 13 Dec, 17 

Morning sickness natural remedies during pregnancy. Eat snacks at night to keep your stomach full and drink loads of water. Chew mint gum and sip Lemon drops.

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Gratuity percentage in USA

Gratuity USA = Service Charge in India – A Forced Tip

 23 Nov, 17 

Gratuity = service charge. Restaurant tip rate is 10% in India, 18% in USA. Gratuity added to bill if group size > 4. Most don't pay in buffet/self service.

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keep ants away from sugar

How To Keep Ants Away From Sugar?

 15 Nov, 17 

Keep ants away from sugar and wheat flour container with simple use of water. Ants can't swim and we can use their limitation to our benefit.

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How To Make Black Chole – Use Dry Amla or Tea Leaves

 15 Nov, 17 

We can make Black Chole with dry Amla or tea leaves pretty easily at home. We list out both tried and tested recipes of turning Kabuli chana to black chole.

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