Paani Restaurant In Sudbury MA – Average

Paani restaurant is located on US 20 highway in a small market on the roadside. The appearance is small and you might miss it completely if you on your way and have not primarily been heading for it. The parking space is small just like the restaurant.

The good thing about Paani is their cutlery and the interior. They have really given it a thought with all the interior painted Orange with a beautiful wall size painting on the dining wall.

paani restaurant sudbury ma

paani restaurant sudbury ma

The menu card seems to be a lot bigger than the restaurant’s actual size but has good good collection of wines.

The one thing i like most about the menu is the attribution of interior work to the actual interior designer.

Not sure if they have buffet system which is normally the norm in Indian restaurants in USA for Lunch as we dined here at dinner time. Neither can i specifically recall about its mention in the menu.

The restaurant looks good but lacks the space in the dining room. The tables and chairs do touch and waiter does disturb other tables while serving.

The time we entered (about 8 PM on Saturday night), the restaurant was completely occupied and it does mean that it is a popular option for people in the city. But, the other fact was that 90% of occupancy was from non-desi crowd. This generally means that food is less spicy and more adhered to American taste.

As we entered, there was only one table left for us and that was supposedly meant to serve two people. This had the same size as you would find in a McDonald restaurant in India for love birds. Remeber that carefully placed small tables for two in a corner in McDonald? You know what i mean!

Nevertheless, We ordered Paneer Tikka Masala, Naan and Matar Pulao. No starters and no drinks as we were seriously hungry for food. As a matter of fact, the server (waiter) was even confused about how to place the ordered items on the table.  He in-fact had to take help of his colleague to get it going!

Paneer Tikka Masala was actually the Shahi paneer but named Paneer Tikka Masala. This was a dis-appointment as we were expecting the restaurant which had given a careful thought to its interior to be very specific and clear with its dishes as well. The Naan’s (plain Naan) that we ordered were good and crispy as we asked for.

Matar Pulao was more of Kashmiri Pulao with lots of dry fruits including raisins. As far as I know, Pulao with raisins and dry fruits are known as Kashmiri Pulao rather than simple Matar Pulao. The presence of raisin makes the whole dish sweet which was what not expected from Matar Pulao.

Ambiance was good and the owner was very calm, sweet and presented herself with a smile.

On the pricing front, the restaurant is average. The quantity for Paneer Tikka Masala was good for 2 people.  Remember that each sabzi is served with a plate of boiled rice in USA.  Also, Pulao’s quantity was good and were also sufficient for 2 people.

The approximate cost for 2 people is about $35 here. Off-course, if you start with appetizers and add some drinks, the bill could easily double up here.

The overall experience of dining at this restaurant was good with the only exception of less space. The food was good if not great.

Overall, the restaurant rating for us is Average (3/5).


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