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HIV with PineApple

HIV Infection From Eating Street Side Food In India?

 15 Nov, 17 

I read this small story doing rounds on FaceBook about a 10 year child getting infected with HIV after eating a PineApple. HIV with PineApple This sounds crazy. If you have not read this story, here is the transcript: Dear All, It’s in India – Karnataka – Bangalore A 10 year old boy, had eaten  … Read more

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Is Bottled water better than tap Water?

 15 Nov, 17 

What is your take on this? Drink water from tap or buy bottled one? Well, If you thought that spending some extra bucks on bottled water is a better option, then the study from folks at The Story of Stuff, might surprise you. And yes, do remember that this study is not applicable to India,  … Read more

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This curst whole wheat atta pizza

Thin Crust Whole Wheat Atta Pizza Recipe

 2 Sep, 16 Easy

Thin crust whole wheat Atta Pizza can be made easily at home. Try this tried and tested recipe to have a healthy experience with atta Pizza and cheese.

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6 Real Reasons You Are Not Losing A Gram Of Weight

 28 Sep, 14 

Your own attitude, social networking at Gym, easy on your body exercises and over-eating after workout could be reasons behind not losing a gram of weight.

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How to make Ginger tea in Microwave [Video]

 15 Feb, 14 

I have been experimenting Indian recipes in microwave recently and recording my videos for sharing with all. Here is the video explaining how to make Ginger tea in Microwave. Making food in microwave is really pretty simple as compared to regular burner and gas thing. You just need to be aware of the timings of  … Read more

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Gluten Free Indian Recipes

Gluten Free Indian Recipes – Yes They Are Easy To Make

 20 Dec, 13 

Gluten free Indian recipes are pretty easier to make at home. You just need to make sure that none of the ingredient contains wheat, barley or oat.

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