6 Real Reasons You Are Not Losing A Gram Of Weight

Your own attitude, social networking at Gym, easy on your body exercises and over-eating after workout could be reasons behind not losing a gram of weight.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated 28 Sep, 14


6 reasons you are not losing weight

6 reasons you are not losing weight

Are you trying hard in gym but still not losing weight?

After going through the weight loss process myself and then realizing what small mistakes can keep you away from the delight of seeing lower numbers on weight machine, here is crux of why our body does not respond.

  1. Going to Gym, but is your heart shaking?

    This is the first and foremost reason why you may NOT be losing a single gram of weight. You have to make sure that you shake your heart well and make yourself sweat. No sweat means no gains.

    When I started my Gym, I used to walk at 2.5 miles an hour and run on 4 miles an hour speed. This workout for 33 minutes was so appealing to my mind and body that I never hated going back to gym again!

    After about 7 days of this regime, I noticed absolutely no difference in my weight. It had not dropped. Why? Because I was not challenging my body enough.

    If you feel no-energy loss or short of breadth after your workout, it is almost use-less. You got to shake your-self hard and use the inclines or run faster.

    Challenging your yesterday’s or last week’s workout figures is what would take you forward.

    This concept is normally known as ‘Target Heart Rate’. You need to know yours to see if you have shaken it hard enough to sweat.

    Mine is 150 meaning that I have to run fast enough to make my heart beat 150 times a minute. You can find your target heart rate here.

  2. Doing the same exercise each day of week?

    You drink the same cough medicine for 10 days and your body stops responding to the medication. This is same with exercises. You repeat the same everyday and body develops immunity to its effects.

    So, to confuse your body and keep it guessing about the energy requirements daily, I would advise to change or mix and match different set of exercises.

    I have personally used the treadmill, Elliptical, outdoor running and playing Lawn tennis as my exercises.

    I used to run on treadmill and Elliptical alternately on week days and play tennis and running outdoors on week-ends.
    Sometimes, running and playing with my son in the evening also helped.

  3. Sedentary – All day sitting job?
    If you are a software engineer like me, you probably do not use your physical body except to pick up coffee, couple of rest-room breaks and walk-the-talk to cafeteria.

    Even if you include a morning Gym session to this life-style, you are probably not extracting 100% juice through your day.

    The idea is to keep the body active and not let it slip into conservation mode (after the workout session) for the whole day.

    As an example, I know a person in my office, who take long-walks within office to rest-rooms breaks and clocks 4 miles each day! Isn’t that great?

    Great workouts in the morning should be supported by active day. You body starts preserving energy after workout and tat’s exactly what you do not want.

    Take the stairs, drink more water to automatically push you more towards rest-rooms and walk-the-mobile-talk.

  4. Over-eating after the workout?
    Tiring workouts can certainly make your thinking-mind take you a carbohydrate treat. You can afford it. Right?

    Absolutely NO. Good workout session does not mean that you can over-eat. What is the use of burning 500 calories when you are going to stock them up the next hour?

    Remember, weight loss is a combination of workout and food.

    I recall from my college days that we used to play cricket in the morning for 2 hours and then would head straight to ‘Bille Di Hatti’ in kamla Nagar for eating Chole Bhature!

  5. Are you distracted in the gym?
    Personally, I like to work-out when the Gym is absolutely empty. This strikes out the possibilities of social networking, gossips and racing with peers.

    I believe in improving my own scores on the treadmill rather than chasing my friend’s.

    You may also be wasting time in setting/searching up TV, Songs or the cricket match. All these are just time killers.

    If you devote more than 2% of your daily Gym time to these activities, you are wasting you time and hence seeing no results on weight machine.

  6. Are you tired even before you start? Thinking-mind is holding you bank.
    • Does a 33 minute workout feel like a mountain to climb each morning?
    • Does your legs start to pain and the mind asks you to take a day off? Does that pain go away as soon as you resign?
    • Do you start feeling like stopping for a water break after 4 minutes of treadmill run? Do you take fore-ever to get back on the treadmill again?

    If yes, then it is a thinking-mind problem. You mind is not in the workout but the challenges that it has posted for you.

    Have you ever noticed yourself playing cricket game? You are batting and you never seem to restrict yourself in playing just 6 balls or half an hour.

    How does it happen that the physical activity while playing does not bother while it feels a mountain in Gym?
    The answer is MIND. Your mind makes you think and feel the way it wants you to be.

    When you start enjoying an activity, you do not think about the time, efforts, benefits and consequences. You just enjoy the activity. Isn’t it?

    If you really want to lose weight, you have to enjoy workout. It can be any exercise, game or anything but a boring one.

Happy losing!


Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta  
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