Pop Corns Recipe [Video]

 5 Jul, 16 Easy

  • Pop corns can be made easily in your kitchen with Cooker
  • Raw corns are mixed with ghee or butter and exposed to high heat
  • Cover with the lid to avoid spills

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Paneer jalebi stacked on each other

Instant Paneer Jalebi Recipe [Video]

 5 Jul, 16 Easy

  • Paneer jalebi is a fried Indian dessert stuffed with Paneer and soaked in Sugar Syrup
  • This recipe makes Chashni and fries Jalebi with restaurant taste at home

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Jodhpuri Kachori Recipe – Straight from the heart of Rajasthan

 5 Jul, 16 Easy

  • Jodhpuri Kachori is a word which sounds as good as its real taste
  • Follow this step by step recipe to get the feel of Rajasthani delicacy in your kitchen

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Aloo pyaaz

Aloo Pyaz Ki Sabzi Recipe – Dry Potato Onion [Pics]

 2 Jul, 16 Easy

  • Aloo pyaz is an everyday sabzi in north Indian cuisine, famous for its minimum ingredients and short cooking span of 15 minutes
  • Enjoy with Paratha or Roti

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