Pimples Mango – Submerge Mango In Water Before Eating [Tip]

Pimples Mango is a common issue faced by people who are suffering from acne. Follow this simple tip to eat mangoes even if you pimples with no worry.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated 15 Nov, 17


Mango submerged in water
Pimples Mango is one of the top searched terms on Google. It has a reason attached to it. It is summer time again in India and the season of delicious Mangoes too. Mango enjoys a unique place in Indian hearts. It is considered to be king of fruits and is one of the most desired fruit in hot days.

Mango is sweet in taste and its basic nature (called taaseer. read as taa-seer) is hot. You would have heard about this from your dada and dadiji’s that if Mango’s heat is not taken away, it may harm your internal system.

Also, if you are suffering from Acne (pimples) on your face or any other similar disease, your doctor would have advised you to stay away from Mango and dry fruits. Dry fruits are also hot in nature.

But what to do if you simply love Mango? Is there a way out?

The answer is yes, and the way out is a very simple one too. This is a tip which i got from my father and want to share it with you. I have tried this on myself and have benefited too.

Pimples Mango – Get Rid Of Mango’s Internal Heat

Take a bowl full of normal plain water and submerge your mango’s in it for about 1/2 hour before serving. Submerging helps bring out their heat.
Please note that keeping them in a refrigerator will NOT help here. Cooling off in refrigerator is different than chilling in refrigerator.

If you want to chill them before eating, you can definitely refrigerate them after 1/2 hour of water treatment. And that’s it. You are done. No need to do anything else. Just doing this activity every time you eat Mangoes will keep you away from unwanted heat in your body and pimples.

I myself was suffering from Acne and had stopped eating Mangoes but the above tip helped me a lot to enjoy my favorite food without any worries. I hope this will help you too.


Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta  
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