Baking In Microwave Oven – Your Questions Answered

You can bake In Microwave Convection or Microwave Oven. Convection mode is required for baking cake, cookies and Pizza. Simple Microwave cannot bake.

How to bake in microwave is a common question these days when you have the various additional features, that come baked with a single device especially in India.

Microwave baking concept was popularized by devices that have the convection mode. If your device does not have this mode, baking in microwave is not possible.

Baking in Oven is pretty much same as Microwave Convection. In-fact, new age devices these days even have a combi mode of Convection + Micro that helps bake even faster than standard Ovens.

Microwave Oven is a standard term and the device may or may not be capable of baking, specifically.

We are answering all the basic questions related to baking (like cookies, Pizza and cake) with your Microwave device here. If you still feel some are left, you can certainly ping us in the comment section.

Q. What is the difference between Microwave and Microwave-Oven (Microwave with Convection mode)?

A. Microwave is a basic gadget that is primarily used for heating. It throws micro-waves horizontally which helps heat up the stuff pretty quickly.

Microwave Oven on the other hand is an extension of basic Microwave. The extension means that it has additional capability to do the Oven tasks as well.

The heating system of a ‘Microwave+Oven’ is a bit more complex and throws heat from all sides and hence helps in baking process. The convection mode is the term which is used by manufacturers to market Microwaves which can also do baking.

As per wikipedia, the technical aspect of both are:

Convection microwaves offer the quick cooking features of a microwave with the browning, crisping, and full “cook-through” of a traditional oven. Instead of just heating the inside of the food (as regular microwaves do), a convection microwave also browns and cooks the outside of your food. Scientifically speaking, regular microwaves emit waves that bounce around until they come in contact with food, causing water molecules to excite and generate heat, which then cooks the food.

In contrast, convection oven technology uses a fan to force air movement and heat up the full interior of the microwave to cook food from the inside out. That’s why you can use convection microwaves to bake and roast things that would otherwise be cooked too quickly (and not thoroughly) with just a regular microwave.

In some countries like USA and UAE, Microwave Oven is NOT marketed as the one capable of BAKING.

Please make sure that the device’s details do mark it as having ‘CONVECTION‘ mode (in addition to Microwave Oven), if you want to bake cakes, cookies and Pizza.

If the Microwave Oven does NOT have ‘Convection’ mode, it is NOT capable of baking.

Baking In Microwave Oven

Onida Microwave Oven

Q. Can we bake in simple basic Microwave?

A. The simple answer is No. Some of the basic microwaves might help you baking and some people might contest this as well if they have done baking with them.

But, technically, they are not made for baking and you might not be able to achieve the same level of results as you might achieve with Microwave+Oven.

Simple microwave can help you cook the cake but would not be able to give the brown crust. If you are okay with sacrificing the brown and crispy crust, you can actually use Microwave for baking as a hack.

So, we advice you to either use Microwave with convection or Oven. Did you know that you can even bake in pressure cooker?

Q. Should we buy a standalone oven or Microwave Oven or basic Microwave?

A. The decision entirely depends on the final purpose.

Microwave with convection mode is the best value for money if you want to do ‘ek teer se do nishaane‘ (solve two purpose with one arrow)

We also did the same and bought the Onida microwave with convection mode.

If you do not plan to do any baking, I would recommend to buy ONLY Microwave as it will cost you much less than the microwave with convection mode.

Q. If baking in a microwave convection, what temperature and time should be used? And in what mode?

A. The temperature and time settings should be same as you would use in the standard Oven. The recipe should be same.

Q. If baking in a microwave convection, what mode should be used? Only convection or Micro+Convection combo?

A. Both modes (simple convection or micro + convection) serve the same purpose. The difference is that micro+convection mode runs on micro mode for some time and convection mode for the rest of the time. This is done to bake the food item on varying levels of heat at different point of time.

For example, if you set total time as 30 minutes, the device will run on micro mode for 30% of the time and rest 70% of time on Convection.

This percentage division depends entirely on your particular device and model. Check device manual for more information.

The device manufacturing companies argue that the micro+convection mode cooks or bakes the food faster than simple convection mode. We have not verified this claim but it seems logical.

Q.  Are Borosil (a Utensil brand in India) glass utensils good for baking?

A. As per our own experience, we have NOT found Borosil glass utensils good for baking. They are too thick and we have seen that the cake or any other stuff that you bake does not bake well from the bottom portion.

Basically, the portion which is hidden deep inside the utensil would not bake well.

It is advisable to use other bake-ware made with aluminium or steel with thin skin. This helps in baking the stuff evenly on all sides.

Bake-ware Utensils

Bake-ware Utensils

Q. What kind of utensils can be used for baking and simple heating in microwave?

A. We use the standard microwave safe utensils for heating and oven safe ones for baking. Normally, it is written on the utensil itself about its safe usage. The above image shows the ones that we have used in our recipes specifically for baking.

You can find them on Flipkart (India), Bed Bath & Beyond (USA) and too.

The ones we have in our videos were bought from Future Bazaar (also known as Big Bazaar) and the brand was Dreamline (in India).

The ones you see in our new videos (you can make it out from the new kitchen), the utensils were bought from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Q. What is pre-heating and how can we do it in microwave oven or plain oven?

A. Pre-heating is nothing but a process of getting the equipment ready before baking. This is same as you would heat up the griddle before cooking chapati or heat up oil before frying.

These days, almost all new microwave ovens or plain ovens have the automated option of pre-heating where you just need to select the temperature and start the pre-heating.

If you do not have this option or want to do it manually, then just select the temperature as per your recipe and start the equipment with nothing in it for the specified time. For e.g. a recipe might ask you to pre-heat oven for 2 minutes on 400 F.

Q. Is there any difference in the taste of the food cooked in Microwave Convection vis-a-vis food cooked in Oven?

A. We have used both Microwave Convection and an Oven to bake our cakes. They are almost same. Standalone Oven is definitely better but microwave convection is nothing less too.

What this means is that you can very well use Microwave Convection to bake with no worries about the quality of baking. We have not found any considerable difference.

Here is the Veggie Pizza that we baked using Microwave Convection.

As a matter of fact, we have used pressure cooker to bake cakes with same level of quality as any other Over or Microwave-Oven!

You can check out on your own the Molten Lava Cake in Cooker and Chocolate Nuts Cake In Cooker recipes.

Q.  Can we use the Oven recipe in Microwave convection without any changes?

A. Yes. We have tried and tested various temperature settings while baking in both Oven and Microwave Convection and found them to be same. So, you can use any Oven recipe straight into Microwave Convection with no changes. We can say this strongly for our own inHouseRecipes.

Q. Can we use the plastic based utensils for BAKING which are given FREE with Microwave Oven purchase?

A. NO. Our experience with the FREE utensils is bad. They just melted away when we tried to bake but worked fine when we used it just for heating.

What this means is that the FREE ones are only good for microwave mode. They can’t be exposed to baking. You should buy Oven safe utensils for baking even in Microwave Oven.

It is possible that the utensils that you received FREE with your purchase are high quality products and are Oven safe. Please check the marking on the utensil base. If it is good for Oven, you can use it for baking. In our case, the FREE ones were not Oven safe.

We will keep adding and updating the Microwave convection baking questions and answers going forward in this article. So, keep checking back or ask your question in the comments.

Q. How to differentiate between micro-waving (heating) and baking in microwave Oven?

A. Microwave Oven have the different mode to set before you start doing anything with it. Make sure that you have set the Oven/Bake mode before starting to bake. Normally, the default mode is Microwave i.e. heating.

Q. Can we grill on the glass turntable of the Microwave Convection Grill?

A. Yes, you can. The only thing is that the lower portion of the food item may not grill well. So, it is obviously better to use a grill if you have it but not absolutely necessary.

Have anything to add to this article? please help us in the comments section.
Your suggestions/corrections and advises are most welcome.

  • TCB

    What’s the best way to bake (roast) veggies with convection? Can I use the standalone (non turning) shelf alone, or need to use a container on the round turning rack? My rectangular containers are too large to rotate on the round turning rack.

    • The round turning rack is better as it helps roast from all sides.
      You can also you use the rectangular container though. It won’t make much difference.

      • TCB

        Thanks. So confused with new appliance. Instruction book says to use shelf for Microwave; shelf tag says not to use for conventional microwave; other instruction books & websites say NOT to use shelf by itself for convection, only 2 tiered. I have no other oven, just the combo convection microwave. When I had a regular oven I could roast my veggies in the oven on a large cookie sheet (not microwave them). How do I (convection) roast veggies in a rectangular glass dish or cookie sheet that is too large to rotate. I cannot find this answer anywhere, just that veggies should be cooked in a microwave, not convection. Thanks!

  • Tia

    Hi, my oven is the Samsung Smart Oven. The max temperature is 200 celcius. I tried baking pizza but it turned out dense. After some research I understood that for pizzas you need a higher temperature oven. Is that true?

  • Rajshree Gidwani

    Hello Sir… I have microwave convection. But whenever I bake cake on convection , it’s not bake evenly.. I m not getting where is the problem .. many time the cake breaks from sides or sometimes the cake rise from one side and other side it doesn’t rise..sometimes cake become harder to from the corner… plz help me out from this..

    • There could be many reasons for this:
      1. The convection is not working correctly and is not throwing heat evenly on all sides. It is expected to do this.
      2. OR You are not mixing the cake batter and making it smooth with dropping consistency. Make sure you remove all lumps too.
      3. OR are you setting the right temperature and are you doing pre-heat properly? Sometimes, if you start baking without pre-heat, the cake will not rise.

  • Shangmila Kips

    4da 1sttime i bought bajaj otg 2200 micro oven so wat kind of utensil i can use?

  • Shabnam Khan

    Hi Anil
    Am using morphy Richards microwave convection. I generally use dessert 37 to bake cake.
    Can I use glass utensils to bake in that.


    • You can use glass utensils to bake but, we have seen that using non-glass bake-ware makes better cakes.

  • Preetha Sivakumar

    Hai anil,
    Im using Morphy Richards 25 CG MCG. It has two modes one is micro+conv and grill+conv.
    1. In micro+conv there is no preheating option.then how can i bake?
    2.whether i have to put seperate baking tray under baking pan above that glass rotating plate?
    3. If i use micro+ conv. Cake baked very fast say within 10 min and become very hard. Then what temp. Should i set in this mode?
    4.if i use grill+conv the top layer getting browned and the bottom not cooked properly.whether i have to put that baking tray while baking?(preheating available in this mode)
    5. To get away from top layer brown,shall we use silver foil while baking?(silver foil should be used from starting of baking or end of baking)
    Kindly clarify. I am new to baking. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Preetha,
      1. You can simply start the device in ‘Micro+conv’ mode and let it run for 2-3 minutes empty. This will work as pre-heating.
      2. There is no need to have an extra baking tray between glass plate and baking pan.
      3. If the cake is baked fast in ‘Grill + conv’ mode, then set it for lesser time than 10 minutes. Keep a watch on the cake. As soon as you see it browning, you can place a silver foil on top to avoid browning any further.
      4. Answered in point 3 above. You can use any of the mode. If you feel more comfortable with automatic pre-heating mdoe, then use ‘Grill+conv’ mode. But, remember, grill will certainly throw more heat on top of the cake and that is why you are seeing the top getting browned faster.

      The Micro+conv will throw heat from all sides and not only on top. That’s the reason, it will cook uniformly on all the surfaces.
      5. Answered in point 3 above.

      Let us know if you need more information.

      • Preetha Sivakumar

        Thank u so much for ur early response Anil. These informations are more valuable for me.

        • You are welcome. Let us know if you need more information.

          • Natasha

            Hi Anil,
            I need some advice on the topic “afadivits”. Wondering if you can help me.
            Other than going to the office where the POA was registered is there any other way of revoking it? Even if I did manage to go there would I need a copy of the POA given to a certain person? Please tell me what I should do.

            • Looks like you have asked this question on the wrong article. This page is about food and recipes.

      • Shreya Adhikary

        I have the same microwave oven from Morphy Richards 25CG and i face the same issue. THANK YOU so much for explaining this in details. But still i do have few queries Anil.
        1. What type of utensils to be used in Micro+Convention mode?
        2. Can i use Borosil Glassware, Aluminium baking pan or Steel Pan for baking in Micro-Convention Combi mode?
        I am very much confused about this cause Microwave oven mode always specifies us to use only glassware and microwave oven safe plastic wares for heating, and should not use steel or aluminium trays or containers.
        So which types should i use in Micro-Conv combi mode specially?

        • Hi Shreya,
          1. Any utencil that’s marked as ‘Oven Safe’ can be used in Micro+Convection mode. Micro+Convection is normally used for baking, which requires high temperature for longer time. Hence, it is advisable to NOT use plastic or Steel, unless they are specifically marked as ‘Oven Safe’.
          2. You can use Borosil Glassware (make sure it is ‘Oven Safe’), Aluminium baking pan or Steel Pan are NOT recommended.

  • Pihu Mukherjee

    Hello anil, is it safe to bake cake in convection mode in a aluminium foil container?

    • Sometimes, we do use Aluminium foil to divert heat on specific portions of the dish.
      But, i would still advise to NOT use it if you are a beginner.

      It is better to use a butter paper if your purpose is to avoid the dish sticking to the container.

  • Saranya Mohan

    Can I use teflon coated cake moulds in convection mode in my IFB microwave oven

  • Rajeshri Aneesh Ravindran

    Very well written. It solved all my queries on jst a single page.Phew! wat a relief! Saved me alot of time surfing!
    Thank you

    • You are welcome and we are glad it helped you.

  • paarth kapur

    Can I make an Oreo cheesecake in a lg microwave which has convection and combi mode?

    • I don’t think you need to bake anything in cheesecake. Hence, you do NOT need any microwave at all for Oreo Cheesecake. It also depends on what recipe you are trying to use.

  • Jackie Nakangu

    yes, u can very well grill on the turntable glass, my mom always does it and it turns out perfect. just remember to turn the food in btn grilling for even cooking.
    some one please help me, is it ok to bake without the baking rack. my oven only came with the grill rack but has combi function which im dying to try out.

    • There is no issue in baking without a baking rack. But, the question is what utensil will you use to keep your stuff for baking (if it something like cake?)

  • Richa

    Just wanted to check on the bakewares. I have come across articles which says Teflon coating or aluminium trays arent good for health.
    Also silicone moulds are smelly.. could you confirm what kind of bakewares are suitableto be used in convection mode

    • Hi Richa,
      We use standard utensils marked as ‘Microwave safe’ or ‘Oven Safe’.

      There are many articles about various types of utensils and their pros and cons. It is up-to you which one you want to use.

      • Jackie Nakangu

        are u saying can use any microwave safe dish for baking? please clarify on this. thnks

        • I would prefer ‘oven safe’ for baking in an oven specifically.
          We use ‘microwave safe’ mostly when we bake using a cooker or the baking is required for lesser amount of time like less than 15 minutes.

  • Neha

    Hi Anil…I hv a LG microwave with all d function.i just want to know that can we put a cookies directly on the glass plate rather than on any tray…because I will make cookies first tym on this microwave…and also which mode should be used??

  • priyanka

    I hv bought morphy richards 25 cg convection microwave this month, and when I bake something in this ,then it just burn that thing and sometimes it makes the upper surface of the pizza base so hard that it can’t even able to eat by anybody and the same thing in case of cookies too. even I have used the receipes of many people but it doesnot works properly . so plz tell me that is there something wrong in the microwave or I m doing it in a wrong way.

    • Hi Priyanka,
      I do not think that your device is bad.
      I would say that you are overcooking. Try to reduce the total time you keep the stuff for baking.

      • Christine Jackson

        I cooked a Date loaf in a metal loaf tin on auto convection mode , it burned on top before the middle cooked..I tried to finish in ordinary Micro , but it was still in the metal tin ?? it seemed to be Ok. The Auto temperature sounded very high .
        Any Tips on baking cakes please . Is 160- 180 deg ok for cakes
        Is pyrex glass loaf tin better ?
        I am finding instructions very confusing

  • anand

    i have used aluminum cake bowl in conviction mode . i baked fine . but i have been told by some microwave users not use aluminum or steel in microwave mode … is it true ? why ? i use samaung microwave slim fry model .
    and if we can use aluminum in microwave mode can we bake cake in same mode

    • We do not recommend using aluminum utensil in convection mode for baking.
      It is always better to use utensil that are specifically marked as ‘microwave safe’ or ‘ovem safe’.

  • Deepa Lakshmi

    Hello Anil,
    Which bake ware shud i use if baking in combo(micro + convection mode)

    • Hi Deepak, looks like your comment was missed.
      If you are still looking for an answer, then use Oven safe or microwave safe utensil in combo mode.

  • Anurag

    Hello sir ,
    I have samsung microwave oven, I have used it only once when i bought it 6 years back will it be safe to use it now after 6 years (for cooking and baking)?

    • If there is no problem with the device, then I don’t see any issue with using it.

      • Anurag

        Thank you for such a quick response . Now I can use without any doubt ☺

        • Anurag

          The device is working perfectly fine ,I was just worrying that as it was remain unused for so many years maybe its waves got deterioate or radiations may turned harmful for health . Thats it . ☺

  • Mahima

    I have the same microwave as you guys have.. N I really want to use the bake mode of it however I am confused about the utensils to be used, so the glass plate which comes with the microwave should I remove it while preheating and baking or should I keep it and I also wanted to ask if I should put the cake baking dish (which is used in regular oven) on top of the glass plate while baking… Kindly help and advice

    • Hi Mahima,
      1. You should keep the glass plate (or tray table) while baking.
      2. Keep the baking utensil (whatever you have) on top of glass table for baking.
      3. Glass plate should be inside the Microwave when you pre-heat.

      • Mahima

        Thanks Anil for such a quick response… Will try baking something soon and will share the experience, thanks again

  • Kay

    I have a microwave/ convection oven. When baking on convection it cooks the outside but not the middle even though I follow the instructions on the packet…am I doing something wrong….my previous oven was bigger and cooked great…this is a 25 litre…please help if you can

    • 1. Probably, the temperature is too high. I would suggest to reduce the temperature by 50 degrees and bake for more time rather than high temp-less time.
      2. If the size of the dish you are baking is too big for 25 litre, reducing the size will also help as it would provide more space for heat to flow.

  • Majid Maqbool

    hello i have brought LG MH7040SS it says combination cooking option.
    just need to check if i can bake?
    if yes whats the procedure.
    thanks in advance

    • Hi Majid,
      I don’t think it has ‘convection’ mode of cooking. You need it essentially for baking.

  • suruchi

    hi ,
    need help.i m having..LG MC 7688DP 26 L OG Oven White ..trying to learn baking in this, watching ur videos… this grill stand make me confuse,what mode n temp i should set for my micro oven round 2 knobs are there so keep getting confuse..n in convection mode same problem…. one more imp question how much size bakeware i should buy,my oven is 26L .. i recently purshesd ALDA combo from paytm..but cookie tray is very big..i want PIZZA pan, CAKE mold, n Bread pan..plz guide me abt bakeware size n modes to copratre…thank u so much

    • Hi Suruchi,
      Somehow, we missed your comment.
      1. You should follow your device manual for grilling options.
      2. Bake-ware size depends on how much quantity you are trying to bake. The size of the device would not make much difference.
      3. Buy the baking utensil size as per your consumption need i.e. how much a piece you would want to bake.

  • SUMI

    i bought a black and Decker (MZ3000PG) microwave oven where i found two options microwave and Grill/combi. can i bake on this ? If yes how will i set the temp ?

    • Hi Sumi,
      I checked the manuals for this product and it does not mention anything about baking.
      Unless, it has the ‘convection’ mode of cooking, you can’t bake with it.

      it is a simple Microwave with Grilling feature, but no baking.

  • Hana Trojanová

    Hello. I just bought microwave oven from Zanussi. It shows me possibilities to make fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, baked potatoes, pizza, frozen dinner and also beverage and reheat button. But it doesn’t have mode for cake itself. If I press button power I can choose in percentage up to 100% and then press start without any chosen mode (as chicken, meat, etc.). I can also choose grill / combi (It is written “Press to set a grill-cooking or a combination cooking system”). I don’t know honestly if I can bake cakes in it. And if I can should I use “Power” button or something else?
    Also I read in your article that we should bake the same as in recipes for normal oven but for example it is written to bake on degrees 180C for 40 minutes. So what percent should I use and for how long?

    In manual (not available online) I found below information:
    Power Consumption (Microwave): 1500W
    Power Consumption (Oven): 1300W
    Rated Microwave Power Output: 1000W
    Operation frequency: 2450MHz
    Cooking Uniformity: Turntable System

    Thank you for you reply in advance and sorry for my English, I am not native speaker.

    • Hi Hana,
      1. If it says it can bake Pizza, then you can bake cake too.
      2. Use the full power I.e. 100% power level while baking and use the timings as mentioned in the recipe.
      Note: whenever you try a cake recipe, the timings are always approximate. This is because each device has its own capability for baking and you will get to know the time for your device after couple of hit and trials.

      The time in the recipe would be more or less right. You would just need to keep an eye to make sure cake does not over cook or keeps uncooked.

  • Navpreet Kaur

    Hii anil,
    I have a Samsung microwave DE68-03139 with me.can you pls help me by letting me know whether we can bake cakes in convection mode ???
    Also, can I use a borosil bowl (convection mode)for baking a cake ???….i will be very thankful to you.

    • Hi Navpreet,
      I am unable to find your device’s user manual or product specifications online. Hence, I can;t really comment if it can bake or not.
      If it has convection mode, then it should be able to bake.

      Regarding the borosil utensils, we have provided our experience here:

      • Navpreet Kaur

        Thanku anil…..
        I have read the above piece of information regarding the utensil.but in convection mode for baking cakes, what type of utensil is absolutely safe.i mean tht can we use aluminium or a steel vessel , layering a butter paper at the bottom, at convection mode ???
        Is it safe thru ?

        • Sohini Mondal

          hello! read this through.. and still confused over the utensils.. the borosil utensil experience says its better to use aluminium or steel (oven safe) for baking in convection mode.. but anil just replied “We do not recommend using aluminum utensil in convection mode for baking.
          It is always better to use utensil that are specifically marked as ‘microwave safe’ or ‘ovem safe’.” to Anand who has used aluminium cake pan in his convection microwave oven!!? no clarity at all! sorry!

          • Hi Sohinii,
            I have written ‘bake-ware made with Aluminium or steel’ is better than Glass based utensils.
            The standard aluminium bowl or a katori is not good enough to bake. Bake wares are coated with special material that helps them sustain high heat.

            Hence, you should always use the utensil that has been specifically marked as ‘Oven safe’ for baking.

            • Sohini Mondal

              ok great! so just to clarify.. as far as what i have gathered here is that:
              1. oven-safe bakeware (aluminium or steel) can be used in the “convection” mode in a microwave convection oven and
              2. microwave safe utensils (non metal) should be used when using any microwave combination mode!

              • 1. Yes
                2. If the utensil is marked ONLY ‘Microwave Safe’, it is mostly not safe to be used in Oven.
                If it is marked both “Microwave and Oven safe’, then it is good for Baking and using in ‘Microwave convection’ mode.

                Please note that baking process generally happens at high heat of aroung 400 F (180 C) for a longer time than any other microwaving (just heating) process.
                So, it is important that the utensil you use can bear that kind of heat for a longer time.

                Plastic based Microwave safe utensils will most probably MELT while baking, if they are NOT marked OVEN safe too.

                Also, I strongly recommend NOT to use plastic AT ALL. It is known to cause cancer if you use Plastic for heating, let alone baking.

                • Sohini Mondal

                  thanks a lot Anil! im sorted now! 🙂
                  completely agree with plastic being pretty unsafe!
                  oh and this forum’s been really informative otherwise too!!

  • Shwetha

    Hi Anil,
    new to this blog and read all the questions and queries which you had replied it was very easy to understand…but after reading all these still i have my own doubt.

    i planned to buy whirlpool magic cook 30BC (30 ltr) can you please let me know whether it is suitable for baking…

    i would be very much thankfull in advance:)

    • I have checked its product specifications and it has the “convection'” mode. Hence, you can use it for baking cake and other products.

      • Shwetha

        Hi Anil,

        Thank you so much for your reply i was waiting literally 🙂

        • Shwetha

          i am very eager to try the baking dishes in my new one…thank you once again:)

          • You are welcome. I am glad we could help you.

  • Amierha Ibrahim

    Hello, thank you for this information.
    Recently, I baked some cakes in my microwave convection but I found it was not fully cooked, but when I used the combi(convection+micro+grill) it is fully cooked but it is limited to some meal only(pizza). I am confused whether to use the combi(micro+convection) or the convection only because if I use the combi one, I can’t set the temperature in it. Please help me, I could use some advices.

    • Hi,
      The answer to your question is actually not straight-forward. The way these new devices called Microwave convection Oven’s are built, they have different power levels and hence different cooking times.

      As per my information, the Micro+convection or micro+convection (combi) mode is supposed to work better, if your device has it. I have tried to answer it here (in the above article).

      I would suggest to use the combi mode for baking as it would cook faster and better. Or if you are using simple convection mode and the food is not baked fully within the time mentioned in recipe, you would just need to add 4-5 minutes more. That’s it. Over time, or after 3-4 baking recipes, you would be able to know more about your device’s capabilities with respect to baking time and temperature levels.

      Let us know if you need more information.

      • Amierha Ibrahim

        Thank you for your reply. It will try that in the my next recipe.

  • Ann

    Hi, I just bought a Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG (200 ACM). There is a Grill + Convection mode and a Micro+ Convection mode. Which one do I use to bake cupcakes,cakes and cookies. The Pre-heat option is only present in the G+C mode. Please advise. I just ruined some great batter (always made my cakes on thr good old stove) in trying differe permutations and combinations and the cup cakes turned out flat or burnt or crispy tops.

    • Hi Ann,
      You can use either the ‘convection’ mode or the ‘micro + ‘convection’ mode for baking.

      We have always used the ‘convection’ mode with our recipes though.

      • Ann

        Thanks for the response Anil. There is no ‘convection’ mode on the panel. I just have the ‘Grill + Convection’ and the ‘Micro + convection ‘ mode. Will use the latter. Thanks.

  • Sunita

    My oven model is GW73BD [01 Samsung.can u pls tell me whether it is suitable for baking

  • Neenu

    Hello Sir,

    I have an ordianry oven which is used for heating food. Can I use this oven to bake cakes. Actually I do not know how to bake cake. I wanna try it. But Am not sure whether this oven is suitable for baking or not. Kindly help me.. If it is can be used?

    • Hi Neenu,
      I can’t really say if you can bake in the device that you have. You will have to check the user manual to see if it is capable of baking.

      If the device is only for heating purpose, I doubt that it would bake anything.

  • Subaa

    Hi there, Recently I’ve bought a smart oven from Samsung which is convectional microwave. I also have a muffin tin that fits perfectly inside it that would probably not rotate if placed on the turntable. How can I use that tray to bake? Is it fine to bake with the tray at a point after which the turntable stops rotating or can I bake with the turntable removed? Thanks in advance for the reply….

    • I believe it is okay to bake without the turntable too ( i mean with turn-table removed) unless the device’s user-manual says otherwise.

  • tia

    Hi, I love your site and the detailed way you explain everything.

    I wanted to ask about the cookware you use for baking in a Samsung Smart Oven MC32F604TCT. I recently bought the Samsung oven and I am confused about what cookware to use. I am very new to baking and have absolutely no idea which is safe and which can be used in a microwave convection oven.
    I went shopping to buy the cookware (like the one pictured in this site) but most say ‘not suitable for microwave use’. I assume they mean to be used only for oven. Can these be used in the convection mode of Samsung oven?

    Would appreciate your help.Thanks.


    • Hi Tia,
      We are glad you like the site.

      I would not recommend using the ones for baking that are not recommended for microwave use.
      If you are in India, Check out these bake-ware from

      They all have the tags: OTG safe, Microwave Safe.

      OTG safe means they are good for baking.

      Does that answer your query?

      • tia

        Thank you Anil. I shall try and look for suitable bakeware. Will come back if I have queries. Thanks again.

      • Deepa Lakshmi

        Hi Anil,

        Which bake-ware shud i use if baking cake in combo – microwave + convection?

        • Any utensil that’s marked as microwave and oven safe is good for baking.

  • Sundel

    Thank you so much Sir. All my questions were answered and doubts were cleared beautifully.

  • shwetha

    which brand microwave oven is best in india for baking cakes and cookies

    • Hi Shweta,
      It is difficult to say which one is best. Everyone has their own preferences. We own the Onida Microwave Convection and have not got the chance the use any other.

      You can try any of the popular brands like Samsung or IFB.

  • Aatka Sharmeen

    i don’t have a microwave or oven so can i baked the same recipes of cakes in pressure cooker…??? i have a little bit confusion that in baking the cake in pressure cooker, will there be any difference in taste of the baked cake as comparing to the cake baked in oven..???

  • Vartika Garg


    I have Kenstar KJ30CSL6 Microwave Oven.

    To make Tandoori Chicken, as per the cookbook given along with the Microwave we have to grill the chicken in micro-Grill combination at 60% power for 15 minutes.

    I have set the mode to Micro-Grill combination for 15 minutes. But I am not sure how to set the power to 60% in this mode. I have gone through the manual given along with the MWO, but could not find anything of help.

    Can you please tell me what is the power when we operate this MWO in a combination mode?

    Also, do you have any grill recipes and tips on how to use this MWO in grill mode or combination mode?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Vartika,
      At our end, It is difficult to help you with specific device instructions. The best way is to refer the device manual.
      Normally, each device operates at 100% power and there is no need for power changes.

      If you are not able to adjust the temperature, you can try to to reduce the total time. For example, in case of chicken grilling, grill it for 12 minutes instead of 15 minutes.

      We are in the process of making grill recipes and would share them soon.

  • Upulie Han

    Thanks. This helped alot

    • Nice to know that our information helped you.
      Thanks for having interest in our article.

  • Amba Saha

    can i use conv./combi mode for baking acake

  • Andleeb Abbasi

    hi, i bought DW112C Dawlence microwave oven. They have given a free Pan for making Taftans, Naan, Pizza etc. can i you it to bake a plain cake?

    • Hi Andleeb,
      Does the free pan has sufficient height to hold the cake batter/paste inside? If yes, then you can use it to bake.
      I have not seen those utensils and would advise you make sure that they have ‘Oven’ Safe marked on them.

      ‘Oven safe’ utensils are safe for baking.

  • Tia

    Hi Anil, a very helpful article.
    I bought Kenwood MWL 425. I have no experience of baking so I assumed any oven would bake cakes,muffins etc. But the retailer, after purchase, says it doesnt bake. Your article gives me some hope but I still have doubts about the oven i bought. Could you please check the specifications and clarify?

    • Hi Tia,
      Looks like this device does not support baking. I went through the link and it only says “cooked, grilled, reheated or defrosted” as its functions. This means that you won’t be able to bake (like cake, cookies etc).

      I agree that the name is mis-leading as this device is only capable of Microwave functions. But, can’t comment on marketing strategies of various companies.
      I am sorry.

      • tia

        Thank you Anil. Guess I will have to return it. Since names and retailers are misleading nowadays,what should I look out for when buying a device which has all functions (bake plus grill,reheat etc)?

        • You should read the product description to see if it explicitly says ‘baking’.
          Some of the Microwave’s have convection mode and is designed to add baking feature. So, if it has this added feature, its product description should say that it can ‘bake’.

  • meidy

    hai Anil,
    just curious how big is your baking pan? does it scratch with the wall of the micro oven? because mine is like that every time I bake the turntable start to roll, and the quarter pan size bump with the wall. last time, my cake turns out great. Today, there a little spark of fire. I don’t know what’s going on. mine MWO is La germane F45MWOD9X
    thx and love the articles. helps ease my questions about using this MWO.

    • Hi Meidy,
      I think we had 9 Inch diameter pan. Ideally, the pan should not scratch or touch the wall.

      Try to get a smaller baking pan that can fit easily in your microwave Oven.

      Please do contact the device manufacturer service center if you are experiencing the spark.
      I have never seen or heard any kind of spark inside the oven while baking.

      Let me know if you need more information.

  • Paramjeet Khalsa

    HI , we have only microwave,oven,crisp,grill option in our microwave oven… in which option can I bake cake ? is is possible without convection one ? or I need to buy a new one 🙁

    • Hi Paramjeet,
      Use the ‘Oven’ option. Oven = Microwave with Convection mode.

      Convection is a just a term used in Indian market and it means that a Microwave (with convection) is capable of baking too.

      • Paramjeet Khalsa

        Thank you so much!

  • uche

    Hello Anil, I’m thinking of buying LG MWO 2022B microwave oven, I want to know if it can bake and grill

    • I don’t know why but none of the websites (including has any information about what all this appliance does! I tried finding its specifications but nothing has been mentioned anywhere.

      I am assuming, by looking at its name, that it indeed has the capacity to bake (as it says Oven) including Microwave (heating).
      Can’t comment about its grilling options as I have not found any ‘user manual’ either.

  • Sneha

    Hi Anil, I used Borosil dish for making cake in my microwave oven in convection mode. But it didn’t came out well. From inside it was half cooked and on surface it was hard. Is it because I used borosil Utensil ?

    • Yes, most probably, the reason is Borosil utensil.
      As per our experiments with Borosil, their dishes are hard and does not let the heat penetrate. This leaves the cake uncooked from inside.

      We have specifically mentioned this in one of the question above.

      • Sneha

        Yes I saw that… just need to confirm… Thank you so much…. 🙂

  • Sanket Jain

    I’ve an IFB model(~2008) with convection. I’m unable to make cookies or pizzas in the convection mode. The pizz base just doesn’t rise even in convection, whereas it’s very easy to bake in OTG.

    • The chances are that your microwave convection is not performing to its full capacity.
      It should bake well.

  • samir mittal

    hello anil , actually am using electrolux oven microwave , but i doesnt have temperature setting like 180 degree and all . actually i wanted to make cake , and i don’t know what temperature it should be baked , my oven microwave do have a settiing of low,med,high and setting its also have a setting of numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and so on. please help me to make on what setting in my oven microwave and i also wanted to know what type of cake container i should use in this microwave
    thank you

    • Hi Samir,
      I looked at couple of Electrolux Microwave Oven user manuals and found that they have provided numbers for various temperature levels, as you have already mentioned.

      This is the chart for the degree Celsius and the numbers. Choose the number for the desired temperature, as mentioned in the recipe (see the attached image).

      • neelam joshi

        Hi Anil. I read ur article and got information about the microwave. I just bought a grill microwave oven and I am not able to understand that is this a failure to me coz I bought it for making pizza and cakes & cookies.

        Plz tell me about the Electrolux microwave grill oven and its related recipes.

        • Hi Neelam,
          If the device’s manual / product details do NOT list the convection as its feature, then you will not be able to BAKE in it.

          Simple microwave and grill features are different than baking. If you are not sure, do share the device’s model number and name and i will try to help you.

  • Long Drive

    Hi Anil, one request, kindly give insight as to how we can use ‘grill mode’ and for what purposes it should be used, the way you have explained here about Microwave and Microwave Convection Mode.

    • Sure. I will try to do an article on Grill mode too.

  • Long Drive

    Very well explained!!! Thank you 🙂

  • smriti

    hi.. I am using IFB 30SC3 Microwave with oven and convection and grill functions.
    I have Learnt baking a cake by seeing Maahi’s Eggless cooker cake recipe and i used to bake it in the cooker for a long time.
    I have tried the same recipe in my microwave using the convection mode but it has never come out perfect as it used to be when i baked in cooker.
    Problems i faced :
    1. I generally till 2-3 times used to bake my cake at 180 C in convection mode for arnd 30 mins.
    but most of times to completely bake the cake , it used to get over browned from the top or nearly burnt
    2. if i lower the temperatures to arnd 150 – 160 C i realized that there was no over browning but the cake was not getting baked from the bottom.. but it had a beautiful golden brown color.

    Therefore I would really like to know the temperature settings i can use to bake the cake with convection mode in microwave along with the preheat temperatures

    Hope to see a reply soon

    • Hi Smriti,

      We do have the Eggless cake recipe for Microwave Oven here:

      As I understand from your experience with baking in Microwave Oven, you are facing issues with the over browning or unbaked cake, if you reduce the temperature. Here is what I suggest:

      1. Do not reduce the temperature from 180 C. You need 180 C to bake the cake. This is important.
      2. Are you using the ‘convection mode’ or a combination of ‘Convection + Micro’ mode in your device? I would suggest to use the ‘Convection’ mode only, if available. ‘Convection+micro’ mode divides the total running time between micro (micro heating) and convection (baking) to cook faster and may sometimes result in the over cooking of cake top. I believe this is what is happening.
      3. To overcome the over-browning of cake on top, you can cover the top with aluminium foil after 25 minutes of baking. This will help reduce the heat on its top and let the bottom bake on same 180 C.

      Let us know if this helps in fixing the issue. We are glad to help you.

      • smriti

        hi Anil.. i have been using the convection mode only for baking. i think i will try the aluminium foil trick this time n will let u knw how it turned out.. thank u so much

        • okay. Let us know if you face any issues.

          • smriti

            hi anil thank u so much… the cake turned out to be better than before… 🙂 .. will keep posting…

  • Sandy

    i am using LG conventional oven.. is it necessary to preheat the oven to bake a cake..i didnt find ‘preheat’ button in my oven.. i have ‘cake’ button in my oven..

    • Hi Sandy,
      Pre-heating is an important step.

      Have you made chapati (roti) on tawa? What happens if you try to cook chapati without pre-heating the tawa? It tends to harden the chapatai.

      Similarly, cake needs a bit of hot environment to start baking properly.

      If your device does not have pre-heat option, then the simplest way is to press the bake button after selecting the desired temperature. Let it be like this empty(without cake) for about 3-4 minutes.

      Add the cake for baking after 3-4 minutes and you will be good.

      Does that answer your question?

      • Sandy

        yes.. thank you so much

  • rohit

    i am thinking for samsung ce73jd-B

  • Falguni

    thank u very much.this article helped me a lot to reduce my tension about convection microwave oven.but i am still litle bit confused about the manual book says that don’t use aluminium or steel in convection mood.but i am quite easy with that is, can u suggest me is this utensils okay or not?

    • Hi Falguni,
      It is recommended that you use the utensils which are marked as ‘Oven safe’ in Microwave convection mode. Oven safe utensils are designed to stand high heat for longer duration of time. Please remember that convection mode is nothing but an oven mode.

      Your device’s manual would also suggest the same. Are Aluminium and Steel utensils that you have, marked as Oven safe? If not, then do not use them as they are not made and have not been tested for high heat.

  • kittu

    hi.. Is it better to bake cake in convection mode or combo of convection + microwave? actually my que is when we use combo of micro+convection?

    • Hi Kittu,

      Both options are fine with respect to baking.
      The only difference would the speed of cooking. In simple terms , the combination of convection+microwave would help you cook the food faster or bake the cake faster. This is claimed by most of the Microwave Oven manufacturers in their manuals.

      So, technically, what combo options available in the device would do is, run it on microwave for 30% of the time and 70% on Convection mode.

      For example, if you set to bake a cake for 30 minutes with this combo (microwave + Convection), the device would run microwave heating for 9 minutes and on convection heat for 21 minutes.
      On the other hand, if you just run it on convection for 30 minutes, it will only do convection heating.

      I think only convection is better as it emulates the conventional oven. But, it depends on your personal choice of cooking.
      If you feel that Micro+convection gives you better and faster results, you should definitely go for it.

      By the way, it was a very good question to ask. I would add this in the article with your name.
      Thanks for writing in.

  • souju

    hi anil,we stay in singapore..can u plz suggest me a good microwave oven with convection mode???


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