Street Food: Ratan Lal Chole Kulche Wala In Delhi

Delhi's Chole Kulche are famous as a North Indian fast food. Rajinder Nagar is a youth hub and this Punjabi delicacy is available easily.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated 16 Nov, 17


Chole Kulche With Raita At Ratan Lal Chole in Rajinder Nagar Delhi

Chole Kulche With Raita At Ratan Lal Chole in Rajinder Nagar, Delhi

Chole Kulche…hmm..when did you last had it? Well, i had it this Sunday itself and I simply loved them.
Chole Kulche is a dish which is not very common in high end or good restaurants. It is mostly sold by street vendors. I don’t know the reason behind not including this amazing stomach filler in restaurant menus. I have only eaten it at Bikano shops other than street vendors but the taste was still not what you can get at street side.

Since, I have found a good Chole Kulcha wala in Delhi, I thought I should share this useful information with all Delhi foodies out there.

This is small Chola Kulcha counter run by three brothers: Ratan, Rakesh, Kamal from last 15 years and is quite famous in Old Rajinder Nagar area of Delhi. Since, Old Rajinder Nagar is a hub of students, and Chole Kulche are best companions of student life, they all enjoy it to the fullest.

We also did only hear about its taste and could only verify after eating it.
I would recommend every body who visits this place to have a plate of these at-least once to feel the joy of eating the super soft Kulchas with the lemon garnished amazing cholas.

Ratanlal Chole Kulche Wala

Ratanlal Chole Kulche Wala

Chole in this dish are normally not made with conventional kabuli chana or white chana as we know them (Get the recipe to make these Chole at Home with our tried and tested recipe here – Video). They are made from special type of chola called dry matar. They are boiled and then the spices are added as per your appetite. For example, most chhole kulche wala would ask you about the low, medium or high spices. I am a medium category person . And yes, they also add fried aloo (potato) to top up the chhole to make it more interesting.

As far as Kulcha are concerned, they are made in food factory and are not home produced. But the softness of his Kulchas are unmatched. They top them up with butter and then serve you with Chole, Salad and Lassi!! They are really worth the price they ask for.

Here are some of the details if you would like to try their offerings:


They have their stall at address: 25/24, Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi
Landmark: In front of Duke’s Pastry Shop.
They are open 7 days from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Price List (At the time of writing this article):

Chole Kulche: Rs. 20 (3 Kulche + Chhole + Salad)
Raita: Rs. 10
Aloo Chaat: Rs. 20
Plain Chhole: Rs. 10
Aloo Parantha: Rs. 20 per Plate (2 Parathe)
Chhole Kulche street food with Salad

Chole Kulche street food with Salad


Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta  
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