Atte ka Halwa Recipe – Wheat Flour Oil roasted Sweet Indian Dessert

Atte ka halwa is oil roasted indian sweet dessert made with wheat flour. High in calories. Elevated taste with desi ghee and dry fruits for main course meal.

Atte ka halwa is not a conventional sweet dessert if you compare it with the other types of Halwa that are popular.

Everybody has heard about the famous Sooji (Semolina) Halwa and everybody knows that it is an integral part of most Indian festivals. Recall the Sooji Halwa distributed as prasad at Gurudwara or at Navratra festivals and immediately you will feel the craving for it!

There is small history attached with it me making this atte ka halwa. Last year, we visited Sweden at Diwali time and we were looking desperately for Suji/Semolina. But, unfortunately could not find it due to everything written in swedish on the packets. Luckily, we had some Wheat flour with us and it was then that we decided to make Atte ka halwa. So, we celebrated our Diwali pooja with Atte ka halwa instead of Sooji halwa.

I thought that it would be great to share it with others too on inHouseRecipes and hence got it recorded.



  1. 1 Cup Wheat Flour Gehu ka Atta
  2. 1 Cup White Sugar
  3. 3/4 Cup Desi Ghee
  4. 1 Liter Water

Optional but recommended for better taste

  1. 1 Number Cardamom or Cardamom powder
  2. 20 Number Raisins Unsalted
  3. 8 Number Cashew Nuts Unsalted
  4. 8 Number Almond Slice them in thin pieces


  • Melt Desi Ghee in a pan on medium flame.
  • Once desi Ghee melts, add Wheat Flour. Keep the stove on medium flame and roast it. Keep stirring so that it does not stick to the pan.
  • Roast until it becomes golden brown in color
  • Side by side, add water to the pan along with sugar on high flame. Wait until Sugar dissolves in Water.
  • Sugar has dissolved, now wait for a boil to come. Once boil has come, switch off the stove.
  • On the other hand, your halwa would have achieved brownish color by now. Now open the Cardamom Seeds and add it to the Halwa along with Cashew nuts, Almonds and Raisins. Mix well.
  • After mixing it, add the Sugar syrup and mix well again. Keep on stirring it until all water evaporates.
  • Approx. after 10 min., the water would evaporate and Halwa would separate itself from the pan.
  • It is now ready to serve hot.

  •  Storage and Serving Suggestions

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    Atte ka halwa with dry fruits

    Atte ka halwa with dry fruits

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