Amla Powder
Amla Powder

Do you know that you can easily make Amla powder at home? Yes, the same Amla that is a well known natural substance which is good for Hair, eyes, digestion and off course high blood pressure. If consumed regularly, it can really benefit your health.

We have been recently talking about various different versions of Amla that can help make it part of your daily diet and you don’t really need to make an extra effort to eat it.

Recently we shared the recipe of Amla sabzi as a side dish (dry sabzi). You can enjoy this Amla with your each meal instead or a mango pickle or any other pickle that you eat to make a more healthy combination!

The next one in this series is the Amla Powder and we hope that you will like it. The benefit with Amla powder is that you can simply swallow it with water and you won’t even feel the sourness that normally keeps you away from eating it regularly.

Amla Powder Recipe Video In Hindi With English Subtitles

Amla Powder Recipe In Words

Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Yield: 100 Gms Of Amla Powder


  1. 50 Gms of dry Amla
  2. 50 Gms of Mishri (You can use regular Sugar also)


  1. Grind dry Amla and Mishri separately into fine powder. If you are using Sugar, grind it to fine powder. Mix them well together.
  2. Amla powder is ready. Yes, it is really this simple. You can store it in an Air tight container for upto 6 months.
  3. Consume it thrice daily after each meal regularly and you will see the difference in your hair strength and eyes.

I hope this Amla powder will give you desired results and more importantly an option to make it a habit. Thanks for watching!!!

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