How To Keep Ants Away From Sugar?

Keep ants away from sugar and wheat flour container with simple use of water. Ants can't swim and we can use their limitation to our benefit.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated 15 Nov, 17


Keep Ants away from Sugar this summer season by giving them a free swimming pool.

You would have seen millions of Ants (Cheenti) roaming around freely in home and kitchen and all your efforts to save your sugar and wheat flour boxes from their attack have proved unfruitful.

It is a very common issue and i just thought of sharing this small tip using which you can easily save your sweet boxes from Ants.

As some wise guy has said that you should know the shortcomings of your enemy to win the war, we will also do the same.
We are just trying to capitalize on the fact that Ants can’t Swim. Sounds interesting? Huh…yes…this technique definitely works…

Keep Ants away from Sugar

Just take a bowl which can easily accommodate your sugar bowl, pour enough water to cover all the boundaries of your sugar box. and just place your sugar box in this bowl and that’s it. No Ant or cheenti will ever come close to your Sugar box as they can’t swim

keep ants away from sugar

Keep ants away from sugar with water

And yes, do not worry about the Sugar melting down due to water. We have tested it in Delhi’s July summer heat (Off-course inside Kitchen with no AC and fan) and it did NOT melt. So, it is pretty much safe and a good hack.

Keep Ants away from Wheat Flour container

Keep Ants away from wheat flour with water

Keep Ants away from wheat flour with water

The same thing can be done to save your wheat flour boxes as Ants have been seen to find sweetness there too i.e. use a container filled with water to create a boundary.

Conventional method of keeping Ants away from Sugar

The age old but one of the effective method is using cloves. You can keep about 1-2 cloves in the Sugar container and its smell will make sure that Ants keep away. The downside of this method is that the very same smell can deter some of the human beings as well!

Also, on a lighter note, i have seen one of our guest getting suspicious about the cloves in sugar bowl. He thought that it is something related to superstition and so called black magic (Kala Jaadu). Crazy..huh

How do you save your sugar from Ants? Have a tip to share? We would like to hear it in comments….


Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta  
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