Coconut Ladoo Recipe with Condensed Milk – Nariyal Ladu [Video]

Coconut Ladoo recipe with condensed milk. Milkmaid and raw milk can also be used with this Indian dessert. Nariyal Ka Laddu is popular with kids and adults.

Written by Maahi Gupta
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Coconut Ladoo Recipe with Condensed Milk – Nariyal Ladu [Video]

Coconut Ladoo can be easily made at home with some very basic ingredients like condensed milk. They are healthy and quite filling in nature apart from being an addictive dessert.

As Indians, we are always looking to finish our meal with a sweet and this one can be a nice addition to your meal. We are making it using the condensed milk, coconut powder and a bit of Semolina i.e. Sooji.

Some people also like to add Mawa and use MilkMaid instead of condensed milk. In that case, the recipe would be pretty much same as we have presented here.

Our son loves to eat them and I am sure your kids will also enjoy having this special ladu.

  • 1/2 Cup Coconut (Shredded )
  • 1/4 Cup Milk (Condensed)
  • 1/4 Cup Milk (Raw or standard whole milk)
  • 1 Tbsp Semolina (Suji / Sooji)
  • 1/8 Tsp Cardamom Powder
  • 6 Number Almonds (Powder or grind to make a powder, after taking off the skin)
  • 6 Number Pistachio (For garnishing )
  1. NOTE: If you are using whole Dry Coconut, then do not use the outer brown layer of the coconut. We basically need Coconut powder. If you have it ready-made, you can use it straight-away.
  2. To make Condensed Milk at home, boil full cream milk and Sugar until it reduces by 50% of its original quantity.
  3. We will start with grinding the shredded Coconut.If you already have powder coconut, then you can skip this step.
  4. First of all, we will roast the Semolina along with Coconut.
  5. Take a pan, heat it on high flame and add Semolina, Coconut powder and Almond powder. Mix well.
  6. Roast them on medium flame until you witness light golden color of these ingredients. Stir continuously.
  7. After 3 min., it has changed its color to golden brown.
  8. Now we will add milk & Cardamom.
  9. Milk will help soften the Semolina in the mixture.
  10. Now add Cardamom powder and Milk. Mix well. Keep roasting on medium flame.
  11. We have two varietes of milk here: Condensed milk and normal full cream milk.
  12. Now add Condensed milk and mix well again.
  13. Keep cooking this paste until it thickens.
  14. Approx. after 3 minutes of cooking on medium flame, it will become thick.
  15. Switch Off the stove and keep it aside to cool down at room temperature.
  16. Once done, we need Ladoo mixture, 1 Tbsp of finely grated Coconut, Pistachio and 1 tsp of Ghee or unsalted butter.
  17. We will use Butter/Desi Ghee to grease our palm. This will help create a non-sticky layer while we roll Ladoo.
  18. Grease your both hand palm with Ghee/Unsalted butter.
  19. Now, pick small portion of mixture and roll it using both hands.
  20. After giving it a round shape, roll it in the coconut powder.
  21. Ladoo will feel a bit soft right now as it is fresh. Don’t worry, it will solidify a bit in a hour or so.
  22. Roll it once again in Coconut powder. It is now ready.
  23. Garnish it with Pistachio. You can prepare more Ladoo in similar fashion.
  1. Nariyal ke Ladoo can be preserved in an air tight container for up-to a month.
  2. It is okay to refrigerate them, but we do not recommend. For the best taste and flavor, try to consume them within a week.

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Written by Maahi Gupta
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