Soyabean Chap Sticks Curry Recipe – Protein Rich

Soyabean Chap is primarily a North Indian delight and is considered equivalent of a non-vegetarian dish. This recipe is for making Soyabean chap curry.

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Soyabean Chap is primarily a North Indian delight and is considered equivalent of a non-vegetarian dish. This is because it has high protein content and feels like a non-veg when chewed. But no need to worry, it is actually a vegetarian dish.
At this time, we believe that Soyabean chap as the main ingredient cannot be made at home. By 'cannot', We mean that it is a tough process of extrusion and not possible to carry out at home. We did a lot of research to find out an easy way of producing the soyabean chap sticks at home but could not achieve it.We even contacted the various vendors (Halwai and stores selling Soyabean chap sticks) and inquired about how it is made by them. The response in all the cases was that they do not make it on their own.

They buy it directly from the production house that produces them in a factory with the equipment specially designed to carry out a process of extrusion (related with producing high heat to melt soyabean).
We are here presenting the recipe of creating the delicious soyabean chap curry with the assumption that we already have the soyabean chap sticks with us.

As a alternative to the soyabean sticks (if you are not able to procure them easily), you can use the soyabean chunks that are easily available in good grocery shops in India/abroad. One of the example is Nestle Soya chunks.

People who stay abroad normally find it tough to get the soyabean chap sticks too. If you are lucky, you might get them at any Indian or Pakistani grocery store. But, if you can't, the best bet would be to try the soyabean chunks.

To get a bit creative, you can use tooth-picks and insert them in the soyabean chunks to give a better presentation.

Lets start with our recipe here. The video is a bit noisy and old styled but the recipe certainly is pretty awesome. The video is from our initial days of starting inHouseRecipes and is pretty unedited too. We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the noise.

The new video is due for this recipe and we would be uploading them soon. We are also experimenting once again with making the raw Soyabean chap sticks at home. Will share the recipe once we are successful.


  • 8 Number Soyabean Chaap Sticks You can’t make them at home. Get from market
  • 1/4 Cup Oil
  • 1 Cup Tomato Paste You can use Tomato Puree or grind fresh tomato to fine paste
  • 3/4 Cup Onion Grated Chopped into small pieces
  • 2 Inch Ginger Grated
  • 4 Number Garlic Buds Chopped
  • 2 Number Black Cardamom
  • 2 Number Green Chili Each 3 Inch in Length
  • 1 Tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1/2 Tsp Red Food Color Optional - or use Degi Mirch - is a brand name from MDH masala company. Famous for giving out red color to the sabzi.
  • 1 Tsp Red Chili Powder
  • 2 Tsp Coriander Powder
  • 1 Tsp Salt or To taste
  • 1/4 Tsp Garam Masala Make authentic Garam Masala at home
  • 1 Tsp Mango Powder Amchoor

  •   Instructions


    1. Ingredients for Soyabean chap.
      Ingredients for Soyabean Chap
      Ingredients for Soyabean Chap
    2. The soyabean chap sticks should be soaked in water for 6 hours before starting with this recipe. The ones you buy from market are generally pre-soaked by the vendor and are ready to use. If the ones you have is dry, you should soak them now.

    Making the Tadka Cook time – 15 minutes

    1. Heat Oil in a pan on high flame for about a minute.
      Roasting Onion
      Roasting Onion
    2. After 1 minute, add black Cardamom and Cumin Seeds and let them cook for 30 seconds.
    3. After 30 seconds, they would turn golden brown in color. Now, add Garlic and Ginger. Cook them for 30 seconds.
    4. After 30 seconds, add chopped Onion. Mix well and let it cook.
    5. When Onion turns golden brown in color would take about 2-3 minutes, add Tomato and Green Chili paste. Mix well.
      Add Tomato and spices in Soyabean curry
      Add Tomato and spices in Soyabean curry
    6. Cook for about a minute on high flame and then add spices.
    7. Add Red Chili Powder, Mango Powder and Coriander Powder. Let it cook on high flame until Tomatoes appear to have separated from Oil.
    8. This step is optional. You can now add Deggi Mirch or Red food color to make it look more red in color, if you desire.
    9. Add Salt and Garam masala. Mix well and let it cook on low flame for about 2 more minutes.
    10. When you see Tomatoes separated from Oil, add Milk.
      Add milk to soyabean curry
      Add milk to soyabean curry
    11. Mix well and let it cook on low flame for another 2 minutes.
    12. Tadka is almost ready. It needs a bit of steamed cooking with the Soyabean Chap which is our next plan of action.

    Cooking Soyabean Chap with Tadka Cook time – 5 minutes

    1. Mark cuts (using a knife) on Soyabean Chap sticks and add them in the Onion & Tomato gravy Tadka.
      Mark cuts on Soyabean sticks
      Mark cuts on Soyabean sticks
    2. Keep the stove on low flame and cover the pan. Let it cook for 5 minutes.
    3. After 5 minutes, switch off the stove and sprinkle Coriander leaves.
    4. Soyabean Chap Sticks Curry is ready to serve hot. Enjoy.
      Soyabean Chap curry is ready
      Soyabean Chap curry is ready

     Storage and Serving Suggestions

    Soyabean Chap Sticks Curry Recipe Video Part 2

    1. Soyabean Chap sticks are best enjoyed with Dal Makhni.
    2. You can refrigerate the Sabzi for up-to 3 days for best taste.
    Soyabean chap curry
    Soyabean chap curry
    Soyabean chaap with gravy
    Soyabean chaap with gravy

    • Neeraj Arora

      Thank you….The recipe was very good…. I just tried it. Though I reduced the quatity of mango powder and red chilli by 50%. And increased ghee quantity by 20%. Also in the end, cooked for 10mins in pressure cooker seperately to incorporate the flavours of gravy into the chaap. Otherwise soya chaap feels tasteless inside. Enjoy the twist.

    • Hello Mr Lakesh, sorry for replying too late. Looks like we somehow missed your comment. But der aaye durust aaye.
      Agar mai sahi samjah paaya hoon to aap soyabean chap ko ghar mei banane ki baat ker rahe hai. Humnei bahut koshish kari ise ghar mei banane ki par bana nahi sake. Phir hamnei kaafi jagah pata bhi kiya ke isko kaise banaya jaata hai aur tab hamein pata laga ke isko banane ke liye ‘extrusion’ process ka istemaal kiya jata hai. Extrusion ek bahut hi complex process hai jisme high heat ko use kerke soyabean se soyabean chap banti hai. Ise ghar mei ker pana possible nahi hota.
      I hope ke mai aapke sawaal ka jawaab de paya.

      • rajeev sehgal

        dear mr gupta
        i believe what you are saying is that to make soya chaap we need to melt the soya grains to make them liquip and pour into pre detirmined shAPE OR EXTRUDED PROCESS

        • Hi Rajeev,

          I do not know the exact process of converting Soya grains to Chap sticks. I researched on internet about how it is normally done and then got to know that it is the extrusion process that is applied to make it happen.
          I don’t think you would be able to do this process at home.

          But, if you know a certain process that can help achieve it, please do share it with us here.

    • madhu

      grt recipes.i made it .it was nice enough. evryone at my home just loved it..

      • That’s really nice to know that everyone liked it at your place 🙂
        Thnx so much for appreciating our work. Hope to see more of your comments in future as well.

    • Harish

      Please be aware that chaamps are not soyabean. They are made from whole wheat flour. It is from Chinese origin and named Seitan. You can find 100s of Seitan preparation videos on youtube.

    • If you are looking at making the sticks itself at home, then i would say that it may not possible as it is a pretty hectic and high temperature activity. Hence, cannot be done at home.

    • Ashish

      Initially when i cooked Soya Chaap ,it was disaster but now i can atleat impress my wife …
       Thanks once again 🙂

      • Thnx so much Ashish, i m really glad that my recipe made your day 🙂

        Hope to see more of your valuable comments in future as well.

    • Ashish

      Hi Mahi,
       Thanks 4 the recipe.

    • Yogita

      Hello Maahi,

      I like watching your recipes…I live in USA and always look for our desi recipes, please keep on sharing your recipes. I love cooking and watching you cook, makes me enjoy cooking more….I get dried soya chaaps from Delhi whenever I come to India.

    • Shuchi

      Maahi ji, I live in USA and run a food website The recipes are in English and Hindi. Many of my readers have asked for soyabean chaap recipe. Since we do not get soyabean chaap in USA, I just could not explain the recipe. But  I liked your video of the Soyabean chaap and have directed my readers to your video. Happy cooking!

      • Thanks Shuchi for helping your readers and recommending our site. Ya..getting soyabean chaap sticks in USA is difficult. It is generally manufactured by local vendors here. You can suggest your readers to use the Nutrela chunks as a substitute.

    • Kgsharma

      Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

      • Thank you so much for liking 🙂

    • Sbv782

      thanks for the recipes

      • Thnx for writing in.

    • Jaymin

      grate post & Thanks for it its test is so good i can’t tell u

      • Thnx a lot. Hope u will check out more recipes and try them at home. Do share ur valuable comments in future as well.
        Thnx again

    • Jsaweed 141126

      thnk u i like this recipe dear

      • Thnx a lot for writing in.
        Looking nice.

    • Archanarajoria

      but kuch or bhi kar sakte the ap iske sath… ise kuch diff banane ke liye

    • Archanarajoria

      good… i like ur recipe

      • thnx for writing in.

    • VizzMedia

      Some really wonderful ideas you have shared. Great post.

      • Hey Thnx a ton, i am really glad that you liked it. Soyabean chaap is one of my favorite recipe 🙂

    • Jyotikaurbhatia

      thank you mam

      • Hi Jyoti…
        Thanks a lot from Megha’s side…she is a bit busy these days so could not respond..
        Did you try chaps?

    • Usa_gitu02

      from where i got chaps….actuly i want to learn making chapes…not a dish…i think u understand what i want to say…

      • yes…I understand what you mean..
        But as mentioned in above comments, it is not possible to make them at home.

        You need to get it from market and i don’t think they are available in this shape and form in USA. If you are in North India, you can find them at sweet shops, grocery stores. What you can do is, buy the Nutrela chunks (Soyabean chunks) which are available easily in any american or indian grocery store. You can then make them the way it has been explained in the recipe.

        The taste will be same except the shape!!

        I hope this helps.

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