Makki Atte Ka Halwa Recipe – Indian Dessert – Video

Makki atte ka halwa is a Maize Flour Indian dessert. Quick and easy recipe will help you make a new taste sweet for your house party.

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Makki Atte Ka Halwa
I bet that makki atte ka halwa is a new thing for you. Everybody knows the evergreen makki ke atte ki roti from Punjab which is best enjoyed with Sarson ka saag.

But, making a halwa out of makki ka atta is what we tried recently and we were surprised by the taste. Don't worry, it does not make you regret your decision. Instead, you will enjoy a bit of different taste than the conventional Sooji halwa or Moong dal halwa.

I would say that its taste is quite similar to Moong dal halwa but still different for the sake of comparison.

Cup of Maki Atte ka Halwa

  • 250 Gm Maize flour Makki Ka Atta
  • 100 Gm Sugar
  • 3/4 Cup Desi Ghee Pure Ghee
  • 10 Number Almonds Sliced
  • 15 Number Raisins
  • 1 Tsp Buchanania Lanzan Seeds Chirongi in Hindi
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Dry Grated
  • 3/2 Cup Water

  •   Instructions

    Roasting Makki Flour

    1. Add Desi Ghee in a pan. Switch ON the stove on medium flame and let it melt.
    2. Once Ghee is in melted state, add Makki flour. Roast until it turns golden brown in color. Keep stirring to avoid burns.
    3. Keep the stove on medium flame. Makki flour will take some time to roast. In the mean time, we can prepare our sugar syrup.

    Making Sugar Syrup – Chashni

    1. Add water and Sugar in another pan. Cook on medium flame until Sugar dissolves completely in water.
    2. Once done, Switch off the stove and keep sugar syrup aside.
    3. Normally, we test Chashni on the parameters of one or two string consistency. Here, in the case of making halwa, there is no need for making Chashni with any of those consistency. The requirement here is only a sweet hot water that can easily gel with roasted flour.

    Mixing Chashni with Makki Flour

    1. Your Makki flour must have started changing its color to golden brown by now.
    2. Once it attains golden brown color, add Almonds, Raisins and Chirongi.
    3. Turn the stove to low flame. Add grated Coconut. Mix well again.
    4. Add Sugar syrup Chashni and mix well.
    5. Keep the stove on low flame and keep on stirring to avoid lumps. Cook until water evaporates and the halwa gets thick.
    6. After about 2 minutes on low flame, you will see that water has almost vanished and Halwa has separated itself from oil. Oil would be visible on the circumference of Halwa. It is now ready to serve. Switch off the stove.

     Storage and Serving Suggestions

    1. Garnish it with Sliced Almonds and Grated Coconut before serving.
    2. Halwa is best enjoyed when it is hot.
    3. You can store it in refrigerator and we would advise you to consume it within 3-4 days.
    4. You can use Microwave heating to re-heat the refrigerated Halwa before serving.
    5. The recommended way for re-heating is to re-heat using a pan and gas stove. Microwave does help in heating as we have mentioned in above step, but as per our experience, it only heats up the food on the outer layer and you would feel the coldness while chewing the Halwa. The choice is yours.
    Note: You can add Sugar as per your taste.Have you ever tried Karari Makki Methi Ki poori? Not...Try and you will never revert back to your normal poori.
    Makki Atte Ka Halwa tastes quite similar to Moong Dal Halwa
    Makki Atte Ka Halwa tastes quite similar to Moong Dal Halwa
    Makki Atte Ka Halwa recipe is easy
    Makki Atte Ka Halwa recipe is easy

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