Reheat Freezed Gulab Jamun’s Without Microwave [Tip]

Fresh Gulab jamun It is a pretty common issue that sweets like Gulab Jamun when kept in a freezer or refrigerator loose their softness making them loose their shine and taste.
The tip I am going to share today is particularly helpful when you don’t have a microwave to easily heat them up and feel the same taste when you brought them from sweet shop.

The basic theory is that Gulab jamun’s only need a bit of heat to make its surface and the inner portion soft and tender. Microwave helps you do it very easily as it blows heat from all directions without affecting its surface’s texture.
On the other hand, if you do it on a griddle (tawa), the surface will obviously heat up and may burn making it loose its texture and overall taste.

Hence, we would use the steam to heat up Gulab Jamun’s. Here is how you can do it without Microwave:

Frozen Gulab jamun
We have taken two (2) frozen Gulab Jamun. They were kept in refrigrator for 24 hours and they have now hardened and are super cool.
Take a cooker or a pan with good depthTake a cooker or a pan with good depth. Fill 1/4th of it with water. Keep a small bowl filled with water. This bowl should be 3/4th filled with water as per its own height.
Fresh Gulab jamunTake another bowl and keep your frozen/hardened/cold Gulab Jamun’s in it. This bowl should also have a good height. The height should be enough to avoid boiling water entry into it.Keep this bowl on top of the smaller bowl that you have kept inside the cooker. Cover the whole thing (cooker) with a lid.
Fresh Gulab jamunIgnite the stove and keep it on medium flame for 5 minutes in total. Do flip Gulab Jamun after every 2 minutes to heat it up from all sides.After 5 minutes, switch off the stove and your Gulab Jamun’s are ready to serve hot!!

Your gulab Jamun’s will now look like the very first image in this article on top. Enjoy them hot.

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