The Pongal – South Indian Restaurant In Billerica MA – Good

The Pongal Restaurant Billerica MA

The Pongal Restaurant Billerica MA

We recently moved to Massachussets in USA and while we were looking around for an Apartment home, we got the chance to eat Saturday Lunch buffet in The Pongal. We neither planned for it nor anybody gave any reference;  just found them on Google while we searched for Indian Restaurant in Billerica.

It looks like this one is already a popular choice and there were no surprises as we found it be completely full and occupied. We (Me and Maahi) follow a generic rule to know if a restaurant is good for eating or not.

We reach a restaurant and peek inside through the windows, if it is has more Americans or to say non-desis, we immediately conclude that it has a american-ized version of Indian food i.e. food with very mild spices.
If you see more of Indians (All north, south, east and west included), it generally means that it is either quite popular, reasonably priced and have spiced-up food.

If it is empty…there are no prizes for guessing what needs to be done.

Maahi likes to eat spicy food and hence, it is the second type of restaurants that we normally visit. You know, she is the decision maker while dining out.

The restaurant has plenty of dining space and you may have to wait for 5-10 minutes to get a table. The restaurant primarily is famous for its South Indian dishes but does have couple of items from North Indian menu too. The weekend buffet is reasonably priced at about $15 per adult. Yes, you can have as much as possible!

The one thing that we liked most was the salad. Unlike other restaurants in the town, they have got good and some extra options in the salad menu.

We tasted almost everything except the goat curry and all the items satisfied our eyes, tongue and stomach.


It has plenty of car parking space around the building.

The Ambiance of the restaurant is Ok and not great.  The food is great and hence overshadows the look and feel. After all, what matters more to you..the food or the walls?

We did get the chance to meet the lady manager on the ground that day and she was very polite and helpful.

inHouseRecipes rating for The Pongal is 3.5/5

Have you got the chance to dine at this restaurant? Do share your experience with us…

  • NP

    Sorry one more comment, try Kabab and Tandoor in Waltham.. its underneath india market grocery store.. I like their paneer (i forget which one, you can ask which one is popular) with paratha and some side of green chilli and onions with lemon.. it tastes pretty good..

    • wow, that’s nice to know…we will go there and share the feedback here with everyone 🙂
      Thanks a lot for having interest in this article and writing in with some suggestions…
      Thanks again

  • NP

    Have you tried Pongal’s gobi manchurian (dry).. its awesome.. not sure how gobi manuchurian tastes in india, but the one i had at pongal is the best in MA hands down.. do try it next time you go there..


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