Peeling Boiled Egg Easily – Its An Art [Video]

Peeling boiled egg shell/skin is an art and can be mastered easily . I learned this from the street side egg vendor in my childhood. I used to carefully watch his action peeling off the shell with absolutely no blemishes on the egg’s face!

Here is how you can also do it.

Peeling Boiled Egg Easily – Video In Hindi With English Subtitles

Peeling Boiled Egg Easily In Words


  1. Whenever we peel the boiled egg skin, it sometimes does come off well but leaves holes on its white portion. This tip is to avoid the unwanted holes on the white portion of the egg.
  2. Take a boiled egg and hit it against some solid element with loose hands to make multiple cracks on its surface.
  3. Now rub it with both hands (light pressure/loose hands) for about 15 seconds. Rubbing helps loosen out a thin layer of egg skin embedded between white portion and the outer hard skin.
  4. Now, peel the outer hard shell and it will come out pretty easily without making any marks on egg white.

If you know a better or another way of achieving the same result, do share with us in the comments.

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