Mirchi Restaurant Is a Real Spice Of WestBorough MA – Very Good

Mirchi Restaurant Westborough MA

Mirchi Restaurant Westborough MA

Mirchi is a classy restaurant in the town of  Westborough, MA. We jumped on the restaurant while we were on the other side of the road and sighted this big sign board. Took a U-turn and immediately parked the car to have a taste of some Mirchi. They are carefully and intelligently located just next to the so-called mini-India FountainHead apartment community too.

They have 2 big dining rooms. We witnessed one completely full (waiting period of about 15 minutes) and the other completely empty. At first thought, it seemed like the other dining room was some other restaurant! We did clarified our doubt with the restaurant manager on duty and the reason was the shortfall of resources. Now, this speaks itself of their food quality and popularity.

The restaurant had a mix of both desi and non-desi crowd with more weight on the desi side. So, we immediately inferred that this is the right place to dine-in for some spicy stuff.

The restaurant manager is pretty cute and would welcome you with a heart breaking smile. She looks like Indian but is not!

Now, talking about the ambiance, it is great. The dining space is also quite good and you don’t fall into other’s tables while moving around. The crew is well behaved and polite.

You have good amount of options in the food ranging from South to North Indian. Browsing through the menu, we get to know that this is basically a chain of restaurant and is more popular with the name of Mirchi NJ. NJ is the abbreviation for New Jersey.

We ordered a plate of Idli Sambar and 1 Masala Dosa. Needless to say that both were fresh and were smelling awesome. We did sneak into our neighbor’s plate and found that one of the most popular items on their menu was Biryani. Even though I love to eat Biryani, i opted for Idli to keep my stomach happy. The food quantities were good enough and i am sure if you are dining in a group of 2 and order two different dishes, you would certainly have some food to pack in boxes.

The Idli’s single plate is served with 3 Idli and 3 types of sauces i.e. Coconut Chutney, Tomato Chutney and Peanut Chutney and off-course the Sambar. The Peanut chutney was a surprise and it really was a good one. I never tasted Idli with a Peanut earlier.

The Masala Dosa was also accompanied by the same set of friends in Sauces. The Potatoes were fresh and the Dosa cover was crisp.

The freshness of the ingredients of a particular dish is what most matters to Maahi Gupta while she dines out. This is primarily because she is allergic to stale food.
Many restaurants serve the leftover food from last night or may be the lunch buffet in the dinner. She literally hates the ones who do this as her allergy makes her vomit all the stale food.

She now somehow has developed a sixth sense which has a success rate of about 90% to nail down stale food The other times, she has no other option than to vomit!!

The experience in the Mirchi was really good with the food and the dining.

Last but not the least, the Saunf factor. We particularly like the restaurants which serve the mix of sweet coated Saunf with the plain uncoated ones. This one had it and our son loves them for it!

We picked up the napkin and filled it with loads of Saunf…I know this is a bad habit but we can’t resist it.

After all, if we want to give the restaurant’s dining experience a space in our discussion while we board our car, we have to bring the Saunf along. Isn’t it?


We really like the food and would rate it as Very Good (4/5)

Cost for 2: Approximately $20
Do let us know your experience in this restaurant in the comments below.


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