Masala Corn Idli Recipe – Healthy Breakfast – Video

Masala Corn Idli is a recipe which combines the flavors of North Indian tadka with South Indian Idli. Great for eating as snack at tea time or breakfast.

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Masala Corn Idli Recipe
Masala Corn Idli Recipe
Masala Corn Idli is a recipe which combines the flavors of North Indian tadka with South Indian Idli.

We simply love Idli here at home. My son too is fond of Idli and I can rely on it whenever he is acting fuzzy or is not eating anything. Even though it is a south Indian main menu item, my husband prefers it over paratha in his breakfast. That's why we call him southie as he is a north Indian but has eating habits of a south Indian

Another reason for this name is his love for rice. He is crazy about eating rice and can have it in all three meals a day.

So, I am always on the look out for recipes that are built around Idlis and this one is one of them. It can act as a healthy and delicious snack for kids and elders.

Also, we normally make this masala corn idli on days when we have some of the Idli's left from the morning breakfast. We use them in evening snack to make this snack.

Adding some corns to the idli makes it come alive with vibrant yellow color. I have also added Onions and Capsicum to add some vegetable flavors too. You can even try adding peas or carrot to experiment.


  • 8 Numbers Idli Semolina or Rice
  • 1/2 Cup Capsicum Sliced
  • 3/4 Tsp Salt
  • 1 Tbsp Oil
  • 1 Cup Sweet Corns Boiled
  • 2 Tsp Curry Leaves Dry or fresh
  • 3 Number Green Chili Sliced
  • 1 Tsp Sambar Masala
  • 2 Number Onion Small, Finely sliced into round shape
  • 3/4 Tsp Mustard Seeds Red

  •   Instructions

  • We are assuming that you already have cooked Idli with you. If not, please make the Idli now.
  • Start by cutting each Idli into four small pieces. Cut them from the center horizontally and vertically to divide each Idli into 4 pieces.
  • Heat Oil on high flame in a pan. Once Oil is hot, add red Mustard Seeds.
  • Now add Onions, Curry Leaves and Green Chilies. Cook them on medium flame for 2 minutes or until Onions turn light pink in color.
  • After 2 minute, add Capsicum and cook for a minute. You can add Red/yellow color Capsicum to make Idli more interesting and colorful.
  • After a minute of cooking,add boiled Sweet Corns and Idli pieces. Mix them well.
  • Once you mix them well, turn the stove to low flame. Now add Sambar masala and Salt. Mix well again.
  • Cook it on low flame for a minute.
  • Switch off the stove after a minute.
  • Masala Corn Idli is ready to serve.

  •  Storage and Serving Suggestions

    Enjoy it with any Sauce of your choice. It will taste even better with Salsa or Coconut chutney.
    Masala Corn Idli Recipe- Spicy Treat
    Masala Corn Idli Recipe- Spicy Treat

    • Shailaja

      Yummy and tasty breakfast.

      • yup, it is one of my favorite 🙂
        it is really healthy as well.
        thanks for watching and writing in.

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