Masala Almonds Recipe – Fried Almonds Wrapped In Gram Flour [Video]

Masala Almonds Masala Almonds

This video is in Hindi with English subtitles.

Almonds are good for sharpness of mind and you should eat them regularly with or without their skin.
There are times when you want to take a break and eat some spicy and crispy snacks, then you again have the option of eating almonds but wrapped in gram flour the pakoda style.

You must have eaten the pea nuts as raw nuts and with the fired besan covering too. If you can recall that crisp and spicy taste, you will definitely love these too.

They are mostly eaten with tea/coffee or hard drinks. Fry them and let them them cool down before serving for best taste. Sprinkle a bit of chat masala to add some more glamour!