Malpua Recipe – Fried Indian Dessert

Bengali Malpua is a fried pancake dipped in Chashni, served with rabdi. Fluffy inner part with crisp edges. Tried and tested recipe with video and images.

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Malpua is primarily a Bengali cuisine dessert. You literally fry a pancake and sip in Sugar Syrup (Chashni) to make it sweet.

Malpua with Rabdi is just another combination where you top up the pancake with milky Rabdi. It is an optional addition though.

This recipe makes soft and fluffy pancakes with crisp outer edges.

We have not included Rabdi and Chashni recipe here. Chashni recipe is available separately on our catalog and the link has been shared later in the article.

The video is pretty old but the recipe is tried and tested. The images in this article have been updated and we clicked them while we were re-trying the same recipe. Hence, do not worry and follow the steps as listed here or shown in the video.

By the way, do let us know how the new pictures look, in the comments.

Pieces (Each 3 Inch in Diameter)

  • 100 Gms Khoya Mawa
  • 1 Cup All Purpose Flour Maida
  • 1 Cup Warm Water or enough for making dough
  • 1 Pinch Baking Powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Fennel Seeds Saunf
  • 2 Cup Oil or enough for frying
  • 3/2 Cup Sugar Syrup Chashni - enough to completely submerge Malpua

  •   Instructions

    Preparing Malpua Paste Preparation Time: 5 Minute

    1. Ingredients for malpua recipe.
      Ingredients for malpua recipe
      Ingredients for malpua recipe
    2. Oil needed for frying.
      Oil needed for frying
      Oil needed for frying
    3. Start with finely grating the Khoya. The Khoa or Khoya or Mawa increases in its volume after grating. Don’t worry about it.
      Grate khoa for Malpua
      Grate khoa for Malpua
    4. Once done, add All Purpose flour Maida, Fennel seeds Saunf and Baking powder. Mix well.
      Mix maida, saunf, water to make Malpua paste
      Mix maida, saunf, water to make Malpua paste
    5. Add warm water gradually to make a smooth paste. Do not add all water at one go. Mix well.
    6. The consistency of the paste should be thick enough that it can be dropped too. It took us 1+1/2 cup of warm water to reach this consistency. You can watch the video for a better idea about the consistency that we are talking about.
      Dropping consistency for malpua paste
      Dropping consistency for malpua paste
    7. Mixing is important to make fluffy, soft pancakes and would take about 5 minutes. Make sure that you remove as much lumps as possible. Once done, move on to next step.

    Preparing Sugar Syrup Chashni Preparation Time: 30 Minute

    1. We should prepare the Sugar Syrup at this time. We have NOT counted the chashni making time in this recipe. It can take up-to 30 minute to make 1 string consistent chashni. You can watch/read the recipe of Chashni here. Please note that we need a 1 string consistent Sugar syrup here.

    Frying the Pancake Cooking time: 10 Minute

    1. Before starting with frying, please make sure that Chashni is ready and is hot. If you are using a pre-made Chashni, heat it up for 2 minutes on high flame now.
      Shallow frying Malpua
      Shallow frying Malpua
    2. Take a frying pan flat base and about 1 inch depth. Add a thin layer 1/2 inch of Oil. Heat it on high flame for 3 minutes.
    3. Once Oil is hot, pour a tablespoon full of paste. Turn the flame on low.
    4. Don’t try to make a shape. It will take a round shape on its own. You can cut out the extra portions if any that spawed after you added paste.
    5. Pour a teaspoon of Oil on top of pancake using Spatula. Let it cook until it gets golden brown from bottom. You can raise with the help of Spatula to see its brown color level.
    6. Flip it when it gets golden brown at bottom.
    7. Take out the Malpua when it gets golden brown from both sides.
    8. Now dip Malpua in hot sugar syrup Chashni for 4 minutes. Let it absorb the Sugar.
      Dipping malpua in chashni
      Dipping malpua in chashni
    9. You can now make more Malpua similarly.
    10. Hot Malpua’s are ready to serve. Enjoy!

     Storage and Serving Suggestions

    Malpua - an Indian dessert
    Malpua - an Indian dessert
    Sweet pancakes from India called Malpua
    Sweet pancakes from India called Malpua
    1. Garnish Malpua with Pistachio pieces before serving. Note that Pista should not be salted.
    2. Malpua is also served with Rabdi on top.
    3. Maplua tastes best if served right after preparation. But, you can keep preserve it in refrigerator for 4-5 days easily.
    4. If you have refrigeration Malpua, then use the Microwave to re-heat before serving.
    5. If you refrigerate, then there is a good possibility that the Sugar syrup chashni will solidify too. It may or may not taste well if you plan to melt it again using microwave heating. So, it is advisable to re-heat using the stove.While you use stove, make sure that you have enough chashni in the heating pan to avoid Malpua’s burning.
    Malpua recipe
    Malpua recipe

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