Egg half fry Egg half fry

This video is in Hindi with english subtitles. यह विडियो हिंदी में है|

Introducing Anil (my husband) in the world of cooking! He has been an active member of inHouseRecipes but has mainly been performing behind the scenes.

He is a software engineer by profession and loves to try different cuisines and recipes with us. It is because of his desire to re-create the restaurant taste at home that we have been able to find the secrets and have shared on this platform.

He has been learning cooking while helping us with his critical reviews. But now, he has come under the hood and you need to review his recipes :)

He is an egg lover (only chicken though!) and hence has started with an Egg recipe itself.

Egg half fry is a quick and easy to make snack for breakfast. You only need salt, black peppr and an egg to make it in 2 minutes.

Watch the video to know the process and do help us withyour comments and suggestions.

Egg half fry Egg half fry

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