Eating More To Pass On Stress From Head To Your Stomach?

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I do not know why am I writing this post. I don’t even know if this makes any sense. But, I seriously feel that I am not the only one in this world who does this non-sense thing.

The non-sense thing that i am talking about is eating helplessly, im-patiently till the point where your stomach gets unbearably bloated.

I often face this situation in my day-to-day life where i find myself regretting my decision to eat that piece of cake that i never intended to eat. I ate just because it came in my way or i was too stressed to neglect it.

Or probably, the reason behind the craving for comfort food is the Cocoa content?  Foods like Chocolate Cake, Coffee, Chocolates and Ice Cream seem to give you a lot of relief when you are giving your brain a lot of work.

To be very frank, have already swallowed two Kit-kats and a cup of Coffee till this point of writing this article.

But, does it really help to lose weight? Definitely not. It only increases your weight as you are not doing anything extra to burn that you just loaded. And it happens with most of us quite often. I normally experience this turbulence 2-3 times a week. This certainly means that i seriously need to do something to get rid of the root cause, which is hypertension.

I figured out that this is also helping me get rid of some weight by removing hairs from top floor. So, if you are worried about the costs of hair cut every 2 months, you might feel better.

What to do to stop passing the stress from head to stomach?

Well, it depends on person to person to stop themselves from committing this crime!

Here are some of the ways i do it:

  1. The simplest way that I have realized and experienced to get rid of stress is to play with your kids. They do not know what stress is, they don’t know what time of day it is, they do not realize it is time for lunch or is it bed time….they just know that they have to play! So, they are your best pals when it gets to playing around. Also, there are no set rules and no game available in the market that can help you connect with a kid. You just have to do whatever comes to your mind and start the game. I normally start tickling my son and he follows and the game is ON to de-stress yourself.
  2. If you do not have kids to play around, you can just go out of sight of food. I would normally go out to take a small walk. May be, go and check your mail box (not the email box!). 99% of the time you will realize that it was your eyes who were eating the food more than your stomach and you did a good job of keeping your eyes away.
  3. This one may sound funny but it does work. Talk to your wife…i mean talking is obviously not possible in most of the situations but you can try. My wife (Maahi Gupta), being a kitchen queen always has some comfort food to offer while I am on stress train.So, what i normally do is talk to her which then converts into a fight and move out of house! This has worked for me in avoiding the food when i was not actually motivated enough to move out on my own!
  4. Go to rest room with your laptop or a smartphone. Yes, this will also work. I can spend hours sitting on commode doing nothing with my laptop and avoid any comfort foods.Have you noticed anytime what all meaningful work do you do while browsing your laptop in restroom? I have never figured what i do, but i do something which keeps me busy like anything.As a matter of fact, one of my friend once told me that he has the habit of spending 1 hour each morning in rest room with his laptop. He checks his ALL bank balances in that hour. I never figured out why the hell he checks his bank account every morning when he gets his pay check monthly!
    Is god going to shower any money for recycling his waste
  5. Don’t worry Dad, we will find your hat! My son sees a lot of little Einstein educational cartoon and has learnt a very good phrase from them. Whenever, he comes to me and i am not responsive, he would say this: Don’t worry Dad, we will find your hat!. This has made me learn a new thing in my adult and stressful life. You need to forget and leave aside if something looks like stuck and helping build stress. If you are stressed because you are not able to make a decision, stop thinking about it. Let the things happen on their own and let life take its own turn. Let the God find your hat!
  6. This one is straight from 101 ways to relieve stress book. Drink water: Eating more fluids will certainly help dim out the craving and relive stress. But, it is important to avoid the sugary (soda, cold drinks) and caffeine (tea, coffee etc.) rich drinks.

Do you have more tips to add? Do share with us in the comments and i would love to add them up here…


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