Dal Ka Pani Recipe – Lentil Soup For An Infant

Lentil Soup Recipe For An Infant

Lentil Soup Recipe For An Infant


Ingredients for Dal Ka Pani - Lentil Soup
Ingredients for Dal Ka Pani – Lentil Soup
  1. 2 Tsp Moong Dal
  2. 1 Cup (Our 1 Cup = 240 ML) Water
  3. 1 Pinch Turmeric
  4. 1 Pinch Salt


Wash Dal with WaterTake Dal in a bowl and wash it properly with water. Drain all water.
Add Dal, water,Salt and Turmeric in Pressure cookerAdd Dal in the pressure cooker along with water, salt and turmeric.
Close cooker lid and boil for 4 minClose the cooker lid and after 1 whistle on high flame, keep the stove on low flame for 4 minutes. Then switch off the stove.
Sieve DalOpen the Cooker lid and you can see the boiled Dal.
Rinse out the water from dal with the help of a sieve as shown in image. With the help of a spoon, stir and press the Dal in Sieve to get some pulp of Dal too with water.
Lentil Soup Recipe For An InfantLentil soup is now ready to feed the baby. You can use a spoon to feed it.

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