Paneer submerged in water

Increase Paneer Shelf Life By Submerging In Water

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Increase the Paneer shelf life by keeping it submerged in water and you can use it for 8-10 days when refrigerated. Water should be changed every day.

Is Cottage Cheese equal to the Indian Paneer?

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Cottage cheese in USA is not directly equal to Indian Paneer with respect to its texture and consistency. The taste somewhat feels the same though.

remove peanuts skin

How To Easily Remove Peanuts Skin [Tip]

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Remove Peanuts Skin easily is a question that have crossed you many times while eating them. This tip will help remove peanuts skin easily in a minute.

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

 Updated  Health

Morning sickness natural remedies during pregnancy. Eat snacks at night to keep your stomach full and drink loads of water. Chew mint gum and sip Lemon drops.

Desi Pregnancy Myths which we follow religiously

 Updated  Health

Pregnancy myths prevalent in India make you gain un-wanted weight than help. Enjoy these superstitions that I heard while my wife was pregnant. Be logical.

How To Reduce Excess Salt In Curry or Cooked Food?

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Reduce Excess Salt In Curry with wheat flour dough, boiled potato, water and even Milk. Read on reduce too much salt from food, curry or any dry cooked food.

Shahi paneer - The sunset color

Image SEO For Recipes and Food Blog

 Updated  Food Blogging Guide

Image SEO is important and an integral part of recipe and food blogs. Use these tried and tested ways of increasing recipe page views by enhancing image tags.

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